First grow with ilgm seeds!


Ok well I am a ways through the process now that this is the second grow that I am attempting but the first was just a bag seed and made many mistakes that I hope I have learned from. Ok well the plant is about 6 weeks from the seeds. I’m using CFls to start off. 4 13 watt 1 60 watt in a 3 foot by 3 foot space. Moving to the 150 watt hps and 125 watt CFL. Growing with ocean forest and fox farm nutrients. Temp around 80 degrees during day and 65-70 at night. Really learned so much from the bag seed that everything has been going great. I will be putting up daily pics so anyone with any helpful hints or suggestions let me know. Thanks for checking the grow out


Still on a 18/6 schedule for a week or two more then going into flowering room. Also just got my panda film that I will be putting in both the next couple of days.


Looking good, man!

I just got my order from ILGM today and have one seed soaking. I’ll throw it in a pot tomorrow and hope for the best.


Looks great man, keep up the good work!


Thanks I’m real excited to put this one into flowering.


Ok well it has been almost two weeks later and I transplanted them 8 hours before these photos. Transplanted into a 3 gallon pot. Seems to be doing great. Close to taking her to the flower stage.