First grow with Growers Choice ROI-E720

Hello everyone, this is my first grow and new to the forum. :wave:

Going to start a grow journal and post here and there. I have 0 experience growing so all suggestions and feedback are welcome. For my first grow I am starting with 3 Gorilla Glue, 2 Blue Dream and 2 MK Ultra all from ILGM.

I am running a 5x5x7 from Gorilla Grow Tent, sadly I couldn’t fit the extension kit due to low ceiling. I am currently running GC ROI-E720 at 20%, controller shows its at 144w. I got the lights hanging at a height of 35 inches for seedlings. For ventilation, I have an AC Infinity T-8 with a carbon filter and 3 clip fans. I finally have been able to dial in my temps and ventilation at 74°-77°F and 60%-70%RH. Im using a Dyno-Gro nutes pH 5.9 and following their charts… kinda

Here are some pics of the seedlings. This is day 8 since germinating. Feel free to leave some feedback

MK Ultra, shes the biggest and also popped from coco first

Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue


5x5x7 GGT w no extension kit
GC ROI-E720 at 20% controller shows its @ 144w
AC Infinity T-8 with a carbon filter
3 clip fans, temps are at 74°-77°F and 60%-70%RH.

Nutes: ph 5.9
Dyno-Gro Foilage-Pro, Pro-Tekt, Bloom
Great White Micorrhizae
Botanicare Cal-Mag
Medium: Royal Gold Tupur (Coco)

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That is a lot on your plate for first grow. Did not see ph or ppm pens in equipment list. Fill that tent up and let it rip.


Yeah kinda got too excited once i got everything, i forgot to add my pH pen and TDS meter. I have been pH my nutes to 5.9 and EC of 700-800 μ and watering once a day so far. Plan go keep them in the solo cups for maybe another 2 weeks

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That much light - they may need soil space for roots, sooner than later. :sunglasses:

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Good to know! I was planning on potting up to 1 gallon fabric pots when theyre ready. What are some things i should look for when it’s ready to pot up? I was thinking either when the third set of leaves come out or just lift one out of the cup from the fabric and take a peek at the roots.

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Oh no! Not a small pot - 5 gallons called for here with that lighting!! You have space for those girls to get huge!


I was planning on just potting up to a 1 gal and let the roots grow a bit more and then transplant into 5 gallons. Is it better to just put them straight into 5gals?

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Yes please! Only transplant or move once from seedling into five gallons. Less stress on seedling. They’ll and you’ll thank me later.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You’re going to be busy and your tent is gonna be very full.
Watching along. :+1:

You can gain a bit more height if you want by mounting your fan and filter outside the tent.
Just a thought.


Oh yes, i havent thought about that. It sounds like im going to need the space so ill do that when the time comes. Thanks👍

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Looks like a great start :ok_hand:

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Sup guys :wave:

Looks like ive come across my first deficiency. I noticed this last night that i had yellow spots and was thinking possible light burn from misting the leaves, also the leaves started to warp and was hoping its just wind turbine from the fans. This is the only plant showing signs, all the others are looks great. This seedling was started out in a jiffy pellet and i did notice it did still look pretty moist. Possibly over watering? Not sure what do you guys think?

pH 6.0, EC 900 run-off, temps 76°-78°F, 60%-70% RH

That’s the kind of thing that you see when it’s time to repot, to answer a previous question.

Personally I don’t have a lot of problems repotting. I use plastic pots for smaller plants and one or two spanks on the bottom allows the plant to come out in one piece and put in a bigger pot. The only slowdown is the roots developing and if you have a photoperiod plant you should flower it when you think the plant is ready, so if it takes a few extra days, no biggie.

I usually up pot autoflowers once, photoperiod plants twice.

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Love the set-up, using 2 e720 in my 5x10 for my 1st grow using bins. Took on a lot! Do you have the master controller? It’s such an amazing tool, can’t believe I wasn’t going to upgrade and get it

Thanks, 2 e720 :ok_hand:. Yes i have the controller its pretty pricey for what it does but i like the features. What output % and height do you recommend for veg and flower? Currently im at 35 inches away from canopy at 20%

You can also boost lights to 115%, it has sunrise/sunset setting and has temps to set in case grow gets out of range and it will automatically dim… saved my ass when ax went out this summer. Crank it up to 115 just to see how powerful they really are

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Hello Everyone,

Here are some update pics. This is week 2 day 1 from breaking soil.

I lowered my nutes a bit to 600ish EC and 300ppm pH 6.0-6.2, RH 60%-70%

Lights are at 20% 144w, height at 25"

MK Ultra was my biggest but its been looking a little yellowish green and over watered.

Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue have been catching up and all 3 have been growing identical.

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Day 3 of Veg
pH 5.9
EC: 1100µS
79 °F
65%-75% RH

Hey Guys,
Heres an update, I transplanted 1 Blue Dream into a 1gal fabric pot a week ago. I wish I transplanted the rest of the girls at the same time, but I decided to keep them in the solo cups for an extra week (total 21 days) to build a stronger root system. Now all my girls are in 1gal pots. How long do you think I would need to wait until I transplant to 5gal fabric pots? I plan to LTS tomorrow when I get some garden ties, any tips? I am also increasing my light intensity by 5% every day until I reach 50%

The Blue Dream below is a lot bigger than the rest of my girls. Hopefully, they catch up now that they’re in 1gals.

Strain: Blue Dream


Strain: MK Ultra


Hey Guys

Hoping to get some feed back on my girls. Last week i decided to FIM and LST by pulling the stem and tying it flat. But with further research and watching vids of their outcome, it just wasnt the shape i was going for so i untied them. Ive been looking into mainlining and its something wanna do but i feel like Ive either missed the window to do so and I just dont wanna top them again just yet since i already FIMMED and removed some leaves just last week. I dont wanna keep messing around with the girls and stress them out. My girls are official 1 month old from seed. How much longer do you guys think i should veg for if i wanted to fill out my tent?

Lights: 50% @ 22inches
Temps: 79F 60%-70% RH
pH5.9, PPM 67, EC 1427