First Grow with Girls Scout Cookies Extreme- or is it?

First indoor grow, 2 weeks in, I planted 4 seeds bought from ILGM store, one sprouted then died, but these three ladies look good to me, although one does look very different than the others (pictures below)… different strain?
Just to talk about my set up because I’m so new and am going based on reading from this forum, I started them in water 24 hrs then paper towel 24 hours and all had roots grow about an inch long from the seed capsule, I put 2 in soil from outside (just to see) and two in some miracle grow/perlite mix in solo cups with cuts on the bottom for drainage. I’ve only watered when completed dry under the surface and im growing indoor in a closet with aluminum foil glued to cardboard under a 600W LED Grow Light, WAKYME Full Spectrum light from Amazon (I don’t know the true wattage, I’ve learned they lie on amazon) 18:6 schedule 20" from the plants (will raise when transplanted) with ~6.5pH water from my well with vinegar (going to use arrowhead store water when I find it) and a small 6in fan that I move around to circulate air. I plan to transplant them into 3 gallon cloth pots when they come in from amazon with fox farm potting soil and that’s when I plan on adding fox farm nutrients ( first added nitrogen, then later on the other nutes for flowering). Any pointers?

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Welcome to ILGM forum. Your ladies look good. They are close to needing to be translated into larger containers. Happy to see that you intend to transplant into FF soil rather than MG. While some people have grown in MG many others end up having issues at some point using MG. If you are going to use FF Ocean Forest you will not need to start nutrients right away. FF OF will usually be good for 4 to 6 weeks without having to use nutrients. If you are using FF Happy Frog, it’s a little less hot than OF and need nutrients a little sooner than OF. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There is a lot of experienced growers here that are more than happy to help. Good luck and happy growing.


Hi I use ff happy frog no nutes for 5 weeks just calmag plus 5ml/gal. You need to check run off for tds and to know when to add nutes.


Oh that’s great to know, thanks! Yes I have ocean forest :blush:
Seems like a TDS meter is next

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You’ll need a TDS and ph meter.

If the water you are going to use has low ppm’s, you may want to consider cal-mag also. Generally speaking if the water has had most everything stripped out, you’ll need to add cal-mag.


that light will get you started but will probably not produce big buds, says it only draws 100-115 watts


i am growing in a closet also, i cut a hole into the attic and put an exhaust fan in, draws fresh air from under the doors. light and good air circulation is to of the most important things in my opinion

I feared it didn’t produce a lot based upon what people have said about lights from Amazon… I think I may try to make my own LED’s, I saw people talk about how to do it on here. Also, I have thought about putting an exhaust in the ceiling but I know nothing about that sort of project… I would have to look up a lot of youtube videos

I bought an exhaust and will put that into the ceiling where the light is currently. I also have 16 more seeds currently. I assume I wouldnt be able to grow any more than what I have because of the light. Should I try to start new ones and get some kind of shop light or maybe I get a second light of what I bought just to double the true wattage? Or would that still not be enough to produce a big yield

I wouldn’t start to many at one time. Talk to @dbrn32 about lights. He is an expert on it

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How big is your grow space

2.5’x5’x8’ closet

3 maybe 4 plants is about all that will fit in there, that is the same size as my closet and I have 3, maybe could have had one more

I tagged you on my page,

You want to build your own? What kind of budget are we looking at?

I’m not too sure… <$100 if i can just add something to what I have but on a side note I do have two shop lights in my detached garage I could use, but I don’t know if that’s even a thing (switching out the bulbs for something grow-friendly) . I planned on looking through your comments and replies on other people’s stuff to learn more about lights in general

Though to do space that large well for $100. A modest hid light is gonna cost you more than $100, and none of them really have the footprint you need. There is an led kit that would do pretty well for your space, but its around $500.

What kind of info do you have on the shop lights? Probably not going to help much, but doesn’t hurt to check them out.

is 2.5"x5" considered a large space? I guess after seeing so many people with garages full and large tents that I figured my closet was a small size and didn’t require near as much lighting …

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People growing in a garage have a buttload of equipment and a hell of a power bill.

Online I read that this company has a good true wattage. Thoughts?