First grow with autos royal dwarf RQS and Blue Dream'matic Fast Budz

Idk what k the grow light one is the blurple suppose to be 2200 lumens

@dbrn32 I seen on a stretching forum and they had the tall stretchy ones then the ones like mine but taller like 4 inches or 5 in when I put em in final pot and the other 2 dwarfs in solo cups I didn’t bury stems but half inch if that even I did the 2 in solo cups to see how they do after a seed tray to cup to final pot with out hurting them my soil is so loose it falls apart so was a pain to transfer without any light hitting them but i did it and took maybe 15 seconds if that to swap em I cut bottom off tray and then the side got cut and in the solo cup I made a whole in and sat her down and pulled tray single over it like it was there already

Thanks @Cyle1 and @dbrn32 yeah how they are like 90 degrees and the rounded leaves are dropped down and droopy

90 is to hot

The 2700k would create them to stretch a little. Use cold whites when generating and running seedlings with cfl’s

Oh sorry I meant the way the leaves are at a 90 degree angle sorry

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Them CFL are really cheap I used em first 3 weeks of mine

Yeah I’m using one and rest are led bulbs but waiting to get a pretty good led panel type off guy from another site it’s a 200 dollar light n letting me have for a tenth plus shipping and all that’s wrong is a sixth of the LEDs quit but he said he was going to keep it for a back up and stuff cause it works good just row of light of it has 160 LEDs so 16 stopped it’s a 2000 watt one I’ll get name real quik

Here’s the pic

I built my light for about3

What kind for 3 bucks

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300$ qb288 v2

Ok lol I was thinking hmmm he probably means 30 or 300 lol

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Ya about 320 for everything after shipping

I would DIY a light b4 I bought a 200$ one on Amazon

Yeah it’s costing a small fraction only reason I’m getting it cause a very good friend is letting me get for under 40 for it n shipping

Ahhh ok

Ok I will post pics after while but they are growing but 2 dwarfs are droopy and idk just seem weird the round leaves are down down pretty well curled under the first true leaves are straight

It’s a little bit mini lol

royal dwarfs
This pic is the blue dream

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@dbrn32 can you see how the cotyledones are curled under they was straight at the beginning when they popped out if the ground just a little wonky but they was outward but now ones out and ones under