First grow with autos royal dwarf RQS and Blue Dream'matic Fast Budz

I know but all I got to work with really and my morsen 2000 watt is down bout 25% of it’s LEDs that quit working think bad drivers but can’t get em I had a guy tell me he was sending me some but he never has so I need something to go along with the light i got to help it out some is all not that I will be using it only but beside my current led light

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I would say do the best you can with whatever is in your means then.

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Ok you mentioned how it’s not actually pulling the said watts but every led I’ve seen even the big expensive ones all say they pull like 150 or what ever watts but the actual output is the led watts times the amount like they are 3 watt diodes and there’s 100 then it’s a 300 watt light but only needs to pull 100 watts from wall to the drivers and they do what ever n make it the said wattage is that right lol I really don’t understand it makes no sense cause the way one says one thing n other says another thing ya know what I mean

Would i be better going with a Mars hydro 300 watt light are they more actual.watts they claim

That’s because most of them lie lol.

Think about what you’re typing there. A watt is a unit of energy consumption, doesn’t really have anything to do with light output. A 3 watt led is just a classification of an led at it’s maximum current. A 3 watt mono is a 3 volt led that has a maximum current rating of 1 amp. 3v*1a=3 watts. A 10 watt mono is 3v led that has a max current 3 amps. Neither is an actual drive current that any light manufacturer uses, so it doesn’t really indicate anything at all about the fixture you’re buying. Just numbers that the manufacturer puts together to make their light seem good when its really a pos.

This is actually a 370 watt light

Timber, fluence, plc, and chilled led all avoid using shady led data as well.


Wow just wow that’s a huge difference damn that’s a car round here lmao but thank you @dbrn32 for explaining it I had no clue be like trying to teach a fish poetry lol

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Yup. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy that light or anything. Just giving you of an example of how the better light manufacturers market their lights. Most of them give you a total output flux, which allows you to properly size your light to your space following recommended daily light integral.

Using the proper method, setting up a 4x4 with leds usually starts at about $700. Doesn’t really matter if you use inexpensive fixtures from Amazon or ebay, it just takes more of them. Or, you can replicate a $1000-$1500 fixture by sourcing components and assembling yourself. But its pretty much the difference between harvesting a few ounces of spindly buds from a 4x4 or harvesting a couple of pounds of dense nugs from the same space. Depending on cost of weed in your area, investing in good lights will usually pay themselves back in the first grow.


Well not getting a light but putting them out in the sin got to can’t keep em inside i have to move in with my granny for a while and help take care of her so can’t have that in her house lol but they are looking awesome these are day apart today and yesterday

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Oh man I hope she gets better

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Me too I do t know why she’s doing it and the rest aren’t she’s in more soil than the rest so might bd holding water more is all I can think. But like the budding dwarf she wants a half gallon every 2 days or daily but waiting 2 days I been doin half of a half gallon every couple days but no drainage then did a whole half gallon and got a little bit of drainage so leave her at that n see in few days

Ok got some N toxicity going on amd flushed her just a bit not a lot just til run off started since she’s so small I think I over fed the megacrop lol but is that what y’all think

Got a question I got a branch that i supper cropped to much n snapped it I taped it together but do y’all think it’ll make it ir should i just pull it n dry it n test it out

Today after flush on girl with N toxicity at least that’s what I’ve been told n looks like

@MattyBear @garrigan62 @Missiles could you guys and gals check this out or tag someone who can help diagnose

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I wish I was good enough to answer buddy but I suck at that these guys should be able to help @Jbum can you post that support ticket @Wooderson fill out support ticket and these guys should be able to help!!!

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@Wooderson. Also start a new post would help you better. Here ya go. The more info you provide the better.

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Thank you bud luckily you know a lot more people on here ive tried and tried but seems like mine goes under the radar at times but with so many journals it’s hard to get the right attention at times lol

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Just fill that out as best you can then they can help better

Just start tagging ppl you see active but I’m thinking they seen your post but just not enough info to determine what it is