First grow with autos royal dwarf RQS and Blue Dream'matic Fast Budz

I’d say by beginning of August it’ll be ready

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@cyle1 I decided to pull up pins so air could get under her and help dry her out but check her out after the branches went back to their positions

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Her stalk is bigger than my thumb and the stems from the topped point a d side branches are big round as my pinky

Good shes healthy

The rest are just a little bit smaller not by much

They will catch up

Hey really fast question I am looking at a light need one flr 50 bucks any ideas off eBay or Amazon


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@dbrn32 what light can i get thatlm work with what i got to finish 4 plants i have a morsen 2000watt led that has lights out on it but works great and puts out 1000wats easily but I got 50 bucks to get another light so which would work

He will be on at some point

Lol oh yeah I figured couldn’t answer at work kr something bjt i think I’m going to go with the Vivosun 300watt light

I have no idea e be around soon

I’m not aware of anything for $50 that would provide good coverage for 4 mature plants. Also, I had to remove your link. Links to competitors or unapproved vendors not allowed.

I was looking for something to go along with the light I have it’s a morsen 2000 watt with dead spot on some if the lights so kinda wanted a smaller one to help cover

I found a coupke for 65 like the Vivosun 300 or this giixer 1000 watt with veg n bloom

Oh lol whoops ok sorry

Very sorry @dbrn32 i didn’t know that wasn’t ok I won’t do it again but can i mention the light names

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No worried he changed it


The problom with the cheap led is there not really 1000w and not sure if there strong enough for good flower


Giixer 1000 is a 110 watt light, and vivosun a 130 watt light. And neither of them seem to be great even at those power levels. I wouldn’t be comfortable recommending either.

There aren’t any steals in terms of grow lights that I’m aware of. Small price pretty much just means low performance.