First grow with autos royal dwarf RQS and Blue Dream'matic Fast Budz

Day 1 started 2 Royal Dwarfs in coffee filter and baggie then the Blue Dream in same.
Day 1 started 1 royal dwarf in it’s final pot the soil is fox farms ocean forest with a light mix of seed starter mix cheap brand just enough for seedling to get going.
Day 2 5/18/2019
Took seeds from baggies and put them a seed starter tray with seed starter mix all seeds sprouted along with the one in final pot so 100% germ if the just grow up and out of soil and make it a few weeks think it’ll be ok.
I’ll post more and pics as we go on.


Awesome, good luck with your grow!

Thanks man I appreciate it and need all the help I can get new the autos with reg bag seeds I just germed em in paper towel they showed the tap root and then tossed in soil and watered and came back in few days and they’d be up but these autos are a whole different world and everyone says watch em and gotta keep on em so kinda worried lol

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Also worried if soil is ok it’s just barely damp now it’s not wet wet but not dry it sticks together if squished and doesn’t drip

Hey guys any help I’m no expert is the way I mentioned my soil is it ok

Good luck on your grow ill be watching.
I think the soil sounds right. You don’t want it soaking wet though. You want it pretty moist to the touch from my experience but not super clumpy. You could always start your seeds in rapid rooters too then transplant into soil later. @Wooderson

Thanks @Noctis420 I would’ve done rapid rooters or jiffy but no one carries them around me

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Ok day 4 and they are all doing good the 3 jn trays and up and first true leaves are showing already…

The 1 in it’s final home is taller and it’s still got a crook in it but the first true leaves are also showing on it just still bent but is slowly straightening out… I’m really surprised they have popped up this fast and showing growth quickly I haven’t watered them really besides last night a couple drops each cause soil is still wet looking and damp to touch and seen with autos just a little to much can hurt em badly or worse!!! So let me know what y’all think ok later guys I’ll post in the morning…



Alright on the way to the weed fields now

Day 5… Ok guys need to ask if this looks normal they are up and everything but look weird.


This is the royal dwarf I’m final pot from start

I also want to give a big thank you to Seedsman Seeds Bank for taking care if my problems and fixing them my Seedsman Northern Lights Autos are being shipped today after a mix up but they straight took care of it and kept in contact with me I freaked cause their closed over the weekend, but late Saturday and last night they contacted me to let me know they was closed and didn’t want me worrying so they emailed me and said they’d fix it this morning and they did. Thanks again Seedsman seeds

Got all the seedlings in a box for now time I finish room with mylar


Hopefully I’ll have a light on the way from a farmer I meet on grow diaries said it’s a 2000 watt LED light but 1/6 of the lights quit and he was saving it as a back up and showed me they work and for my 4 it’ll be enough he tested it and still doing 1650 watts it’s a 160 led so we on our way lol thanks guys for your support and friendliness

@Cyle1 @dbrn32 @Noctis420 @imSICKkid do you all think that is caused by stretching with the cotyledones being to the side like that

In my opinion the seedlings are just adjusted twords the light is this what your talking about how there tilted

Ya there just adjusting to the light

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I didn’t really see anything wrong. What is cct of bulbs you’re using?

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2 2700 2 5000 and the blurple is a 10n10