First Grow with autos, 4x4 tent with auto amnesia and northern lights

After both of my plants went into flowering the auto amnesia showed brown spots with some turned up leaves and the northern lights had light tips on all new growth. Both have signs of something going on, so wanted to get some help with this being my first grow.

-3 gal fabric pots with 2-1 ratio of ocean forest and happy frog (Top dressed after 4 weeks with ocean forest)
-no nutes other than soil
-24 hour lighting (each plant has hydro mars ts-600)
-1.5 l of water daily
-73 degrees with around 50 percent humidity
-currently 39 days old

Auto Amnesia

Northern Lights

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you need some cal mag



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Welcome to the community ! nice plants as @Deal mentioned. I would add about 5 ml of Cal-Mag per gal. in the next watering.


Let them baby’s get some rest try 20 on 4 off


No mention or inquiry about your ph levels. It was my experience with ILGM amnesia haze autos they were very ph sensitive. My fox farm ocean forest soil as amended has a ph of 7. However my unadjusted tap water was 7.5 ph. AH did not like it one bit Adjusted ph to 6.5 added calmag and got sorted out. Subsequent grows, ph everything and add low doses of calmag with every other watering.


Yes I just ph tested my water and it was pretty high around 7.8. I tested my filtered water and was 7, so I am going to try using that with a heavier watering and the calmag should be here tomorrow.

It shouldn’t bother them changing the light cycle after being 24 for so long right? If not I will also try the 20-4 method to give them some downtime to recoup.

I have 4 Amnesia and I got lazy with the ph. because my grow was going without a hiccup. Things got bad so fast ,I thought I killed all four. I did a flush with 6,5ph water and everything was right as rain in 48hrs.

My first grow i was at 20/4 and went to 18/6 , next set i went from 18/6 to 13/11 . I had no issues. From my understanding you can take light away but you cant add to it

Just watered and checked my runoff, both the NL and AA had a runoff of 5.7, from what I saw on other posts I saw that is in the acceptable range (on the lower side). I’m just hoping the calmag I ordered (arriving tomorrrow) and some heavier waterings will help them out. With the previous waterings I was only doing 1.5 liter without much runoff, where as this time I almost doubled that to see some good runoff. Anyone else have any input on the previous idea of switching them form 24 to 20-4? I am pondering the idea but wanted to see what others think on the matter. Thanks again.

I try to mimic nature with my indoor grow, I think dark time is how mother made em… as some here say the plant has functions it does in the dark. I run 18/6 and 12/12… But I’ve heard of people running every schedule you can imagine. Happy growing :smile:

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It’s my first time as well with GSC Extreme. It’s at just about 10 weeks and this is where I’m at. It’s in Fox Farm soil. LST’d very early, Add General Hydroponics after 4 weeks for veg, flushed with RO water for 2-3 feedings before I hit her with calmag and bloom Nutes. So Is it root bound, am I on the right track/impatient, or did I just mess it all up?

What she looks like without the red lights:


Auto GSC extreme to be exact. Can anyone give me some advice please?

Looks nice and healthy!

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Ok cool, but I’m right at 10 weeks. Guessing I stunted her and that’s why I’m so far in?

11 weeks here


Looking at your pics is what makes me
worried about my plant and if I messed up… even if she looks healthy.
Not sure why it’s taken so long to start budding. Been thinking of doing the 12-12 like said previous in this thread to jump start.

Some take longer then others, that is the way of the auto, had one that took 20 weeks to finish

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