First grow with a bag seed

Well this was started from just one seed that I got in a bag. Since then I have bought seeds and just started germinating some sour diesel and blueberry. I’m under only 150 watt hps so I’m trying to keep it small and maybe by the time I start my fem seeds I will have a 400 watt hps also. This plant I have right now is from a bag I got so not really sure what it is but has been going pretty well so far. Using fox farm nutrients and soil. Thanks for reading and if any tips can be given feel free to say whatever.

This is 4 weeks into flowering. Like I said only 150 watt hps so trying to stay on the short side.

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From what I understand, using a light that is not strong enough will actually increase height faster since the plant will start reaching for the light source. The stronger the light, the less it reaches.

If vertical space is limited, you should look into some training techniques and see what would work best for you personal grow set up.

I have been pulling it down and keeping it low. Seems to be working fine. Is there any problems you see.the lights pretty close hasn’t really stretched much.

I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong, they look good. I was just saying your logic on the results of the lower wattage was flawed.

There are some examples around here with some phenomenal node spacing! I mean, stacked one on top of the other! The higher the wattage, the easier it is to get large yields in a small space.

Don’t stress. She’s looking good.

This is from a bag seed I do plan on going to 400 or 600. Is there one that you recommend. Have some blueberry and sour diesel germinating at the moment

If space allows and you can manage heat go with a 600w. They are more energy efficient and will produce better (what I went with after researching). Anyway, looking good and good luck. I just finished a sour diesel Scrog and it’s very tasty… You will be happy.



I’m sorry I am unable to offer suggestions for lighting. Mine is all God given. Lol

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At 4 weeks in to bud plants have about stopped growing in height you may get alittle but not much.
I think swapping the 400 on this one and using the 150 for the new grow would work best if that is what you are asking ?
Thats what I would do that way you get max power used with no wasted light + the bud sites will go off tap once they get the extra light.
I grew in a wardrobe for years with one 450 sonte agro in the main area for bud and a 120 Mh in the side draws for grow and it worked very well for me with some of the best buds I ever smoked came out of that setup.

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