First grow White Widows

White widow Autos.
Soil is homemade combo.
Soaking seeds now waiting to plant.
Any advice?


Welcome to the community and good luck on your first grow! Feel free to tag me at any time if you have questions and I will solicit the help of some great growers on here!


Hey there, welcome to the community. Being auto’s, you are gonna want those lights up higher so you get some stretch before flower. That, and at that height you will probably fry those little babies. I would recommend about 24". Someone on here gave me the same info. Reach out with any other questions. I’m happy to help! Good luck!

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Thx for info.

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Ok i just grew total of 5 w.w. autos and they grow crazy. 10 of them is gonna be a hell of a haul. If u got the right lighting to get them all good u r looking att pulling 20 to 40 oz total maybe more if ur good. I got just under 5 oz from the last 2 w.w. autos i grew. They get real bushy wide not so much tall mine looked like a big ass ball bush. Like 3 feet round 3 5 feet tall. And bud site everywhere. There were so many branches with buds that i didnt even kbow how to tie the dang plant up because they were just everywhere lol. Was a fun grow tho. Maybe if u know about scrogging u might wanna see about trying a couple in a scrog and see which is a better way for u to go. Plants smells wonderful tho and has a real nice taste and the buzz is on point. I press all my weed and just do dabs but the dabs get me lit for sure lol. Good luck on this run. They r gonna keep u busy for sure.

Ok they are in the soil.

Mine has roughly about 2 more weeks. Also my first plant.

Do lots of LST. They love it! Once they start flowering they will want a lot of phosphorus.