First Grow White Widow x20 fem auto flower

Heres my first grow guys! 20 White Widows and a seed from a medical facility that ive had stored for 6 months. lets hope I get some good bud!


Best of luck, thats a heap of cannibis for a first grow. I hope you have ALOT of time to dedicate to the girls. I hope you have a sea of green though. OnE LoVe


That’s an ambitious first grow. How big is your grow space?

I have a garage

I hope your ready for another full time job. Lol. Well it wont be that bad but, i spend about 10-15hrs a week total on a 4-6 plant grow. I cant even imagine how stressed i would bw if i had 20 going. Lol.


Ain’t nothing but time lol and lots and lots of light and electricity

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I’m with you @monsterblackbass , I have four in the tent, and one outside, and they really become a commitment, because you hold there lives in your hands . Best of luck to you @ravenheart1980

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I’m currently running 7 plants and it’s hard to keep up lol. AND I have a big yard with two indoor growing spaces! And I’m STILL out of room!

What kind of lighting are you going to use? Cause that is a lot of light to buy for your first try. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being critical, I actually love it, but it seems like buying a race car before you even have your license haha. My 2 plant tent operation cost about $950 just to start growing indoors. I hope you live somewhere nice!

My garage is my shop but the GF “the boss” said plants need to go in the garage and out of the spare bedroom. She isn’t even on the deed, so she is lucky I love her. Lol

Lol! I’m going to be using led. It’s actually about four of us tending the plants so I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.


Oh well that changes everything. But you got stuck with the electrical bill lol. Do you live in a good climate or is your garage temperature regulated?

It’s regulated.

Then I’ll be looking forward to your future pics! Good luck.

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Also be aware that too many chiefs and not enough Indians isn’t a good thing either…
More people tending to the garden will always lead to failure unless you guys delegate and divide up the work…
One person feeds and waters… someone else takes care of cleaning…
One person deals with the environment…
That sort of thing…
The problem with more people , is that you will all have different opinions on how to do things and fix problems , which just leads to more problems…
Good luck my friend… long road ahead of you…



@ravenheart1980 Be prepared to do a lot of reading and rereading. You have a lot of babies there to take of. Read as much as you can and I also recommend reading some others journals. I learn so much more from others experiences. You should fill out a support ticket , when you have any questions , they can get a lot of information from your ticket to help you and don’t be afraid to ask ANY question , the only stupid question is one not asked. There are so many nice people on this forum who are willing to help you with there knowledge. We are all striving for the same thing , Big Beautiful Buds - So welcome to our little community , feel free to ask me anything , this is only my second grow , if I can help you in any way it would be my pleasure or I can direct you in the right direction. Good Luck , I’ll be watching :eyeglasses::eyeglasses:

MBgrower :herb:


Awesome! Tysvm!!!

So six germinated today. Can you tell me if they look ok? Also I put them on a plate outside to get sun.

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That’s what they are supposed to look like !! Good job, only 16 more to go. :wink:

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Looks good. You may have to gently, very gently help the shell to dislodge. If you have a spray bottle give em a mist and let the water do most of the work. I use a toothpick to lift stubborn shell off. Most will shed in a day or two. I would get them off as soon as they will let ya though. I lost some embryonic leaves and got one set of deformed first round leaves due to some clingers. (Of couse this is not the end of the world, it just pains me to see my liitle girls messed up. Lol) Keep it green! OnE LoVe