First grow "White Widow" growing issues "cont."


Hey guys first time grower. I have two white widow plants both around 5 weeks into flower. Biggest plant is grown in “MG” and the other is planted in organic soil mix. They are in a 2x2x5’ grow box with a carbon filter duct fan. Two fans one blowing from above the other from sides of buds. Temp stays around 72-83. Humility around 47-56% using a 220 LED solar flar. It’s currently around 13" away from plants. Using fox farm big bloom nutes. I have flushed both plants lastnight. Ph runoff is around 6.2 on the yellow plant. The other plant is around 5.2 but kept flushing trying to get the runoff back to 6.5. Going to get some CalMag today. Have done a lot of research but at this point I am clueless and need help to save these plants. Here are some pics.



DankyStank. My vote for name of the month


Hahaha thanks man. If it’s dank it’s gotta stank :grimacing:



Why is this your third if not your Fourth thread on the same issue ?
You only need one thread one your issue .
If your done with them your other threads. Then notifiy us and we’ll remove your old thread.
No worries though its all good. It just get’s all crazy! In here.

And Thank You
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Have you used any Calmag ?


No, I sure haven’t, but thinking of getting some. Do you use it.
You have grown auto’s before correct ?



Yes Garrigan62 I ran 4 autos already and it was fun but kind of boring cause you really cannot train them to much are you will stress them , autos is like an outside back porch grow I think , are a quick harvest supply but drying and curing is the same process until it’s ready to smoke , but you do save time in growing , for me I been pushing the training methods trying to maximize in yield with less plants .