First Grow - White Widow Auto

Welp - here’s where we’re at on day 54.
Started 4 White Widow Autoflower seeds - one failed to thrive early…
The remaining 3 are doing well - but 1 looks kinda different than the others.
And it looks like 2 of them have started into flowering phase.

All 4 came from the same bag at ILGM.
No complaints - just learning as I go along.
Doing 18/6 using HPS lights 600W - will be switching to MH in about a week.


Don’t do that.

MH for vegging, HPS for flowering.

If you took the picture under the light you have installed you are probably using the MH bulb currently, HPS bulbs leave yellow tint when photographed. You probably just misspoke.

Other then that they look great, and welcome to the club.


The one not quite flowering is gonna take over that space when she flips. Gonna be a biggun lol. But looking good.


Yeah - I got that backwards didn’t I. Thanks for catching that.
I do have the MH currently installed. So far so good - learning more all the time.


Here we are at Day 68 - Things have grown quite a bit - 2 of these are developing thick sticky buds - smelling great
The other one has gotten BIG and started budding out a day or so ago.
Now we’re running 18/6 with the 600W HPS light (not MH) - for Flowering phase.

I get excited because every day they change a bit more.