First grow White Widow Auto flower



There foggy but I don’t see Amber?


Day 95 from seed been flushing for 9 days today


If you are looking at the buds (ignore the leaves, those trichomes amber quicker) and there are no amber trichomes, but mostly cloudy with a few clear - you could consider harvesting now or waiting for a little amber. If there are still a lot of clear trichomes, you got a little more to go.

So you are pretty much there and the rest is a personal preference range between where they are now and harvesting, at say, when you see 30% amber. More amber, more couchlock.



At day 126 think I’m gonna pull her tomorrow I pulled one of two and if was deff to early learned from it but thought I’d post a update picture before I pull it tomorrow




Absolutely beautiful :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


I know I’m so proud of it first grow I started a seed a while back it health I found the seed it a bag of Violator Kush from a dispensary



Violator Kush seed I found in a bag


Thats a healthy looking young lady. You my friend may just have a knack for this growing thing


I sure do love it I found this seed in a beg it the baby in the pic above is there something I can do to make sure it will turn in to a female or do I just hope for the best? @PurpNGold74


Right. I just found out from smoking a test bud that ShowOff (a bagseed) is diesely! Yay! Lmao i have her clones in a cup now. Should have a good Dies forever.

On the chick/male thing… its written in stone already. Best way to find out, take an early clone and flower it. If ur in America take a cutting first chance, put it in a cup, in the window. She will survive AND show her sex. :+1:t5:


I’m in Canada thanks I’ll do that


Thats close enough. I think youre daylight hours are shorter then hours. Using the sun try to get her around 10-12 hours or light. The clone. It’ll root/show sex at the same time. I call it the @MattyBear method :wink::rofl: he’s a genius (if u have time check the journal it’s a read but informative)


Whoa now, Purp!.. let’s not throw around the G word haha. Glad that method works for you tho :wink::v:


Its seriously the best method ive tried. And we all know ive TRIED. Soil n aloe to 2 so far. Really 5 of possibly 20. The water in a cup hasnt killd a single one. Im afraid to plant them! Seriously i pulld 3 witherd DOA from soil and put them in cups and a day later fully hydrated. Albeit they shriveld alot shorter after and are a missed spray nute from death but…

thats a small previously DEAD clone :joy::joy::joy:. Really it works. Ill get one that startd in the cup tomaro but im sure u know it works… when do u plant them is the real question here


I’d wait to see a few more roots poking out before transplanting into your medium. Looking good tho! These are Cindy clones I forgot about. They’ve been sitting on my window sill for 2 weeks now lol. I never even prepped them to clone (snipped the bottom at an angle or stripped the lower growth off). I will do that in the next day or so and then keep one or two to replace my mother Cindy plant :v::bear:


So I need some help when I pulled my girl they had beautiful buds tight looked good . Now I know I loose when it’s drying but why are my buds really airy is there something I missed. there not done drying yet it’s only been 3 days a few still to go @PurpNGold74 @MattyBear