First grow White Widow Auto flower



Wait her out. Pistils just browning…

Edit: she’s an auto. Im not sure. U gotta trich checker? @blackthumbbetty is my auto lady. N has mentioned pistils not completely browning i think. Advice here?

Edit 2: @N00BIE just grew a buncha these. Hehe im around here waaaay too much


I grew WWA’s and they went 12-13 weeks in total - 3-4 weeks of veg and then about 9 weeks of flowering


You’ve probably got at least a month left.


4/5 outdoor WWA went 14 weeks seed to harvest . I have one that will be about a 20 when harvested.


Good things come to those that wait, have patience and don’t rush things, you will be handsomely rewarded.

0ver 1300 grams wet.


I gotta remember to add you to the list bro :+1:t5::facepunch:t5:



On day 8 of flush think I should pull it ??


How those trichs looking? She is a Beaut!



my first grow white widow there’s only 2 plants my tent is 36x36x70 I am using low stress training. not sure what I am doing lol


Is that just one girl? N how big is your tent? Lookin mighty lovely

And its your first post!!! Welcome to ILGM. Start and journal and inteoduce yourself :joy:


I am thinking on getting a 48x48x80 tent


thanks will do :hugs::hugs:


Looks like a scrog net as well. Your doing a great job. From the photo looks like you are in 12-12. Tag me like this @rew420pdx when u get it startd. Gotta few questions but wanna make sure u have it somewhere you can get to easily


Do you have a jewelers loupe or microscope to look at the trichomes? That’s what I used to gauge when to cut down my WWAs



I have a hand held microscope for my laptop


I have a jewlers loupe here a close up