First grow White Widow Auto flower



Can someone tell me why I have yellowish droopy leafs by the buds??


I think you’re getting a magnesium deficiency. What is your Ph?


I been keeping it around 6.0 I use test strips


6.0 is too low for soil. You need to get it up to at least 6.3 so magnesium can be absorbed. You’ve got nutrient lockout due to wrong Ph. In soil, ph should be between 6.3 and 6.8.Nutrient_Chart2


Ok thanks my strips only show 6.0 OR 7.0 no 6.3 I’ll have to find different strips and lean closer to 7.0 for now


Thanks you


Do yourself a favor and get a Ph meter, you don’t have to spend a lot and it will save you a lot of headaches. Here’s a cheap one that will do the trick.


I just got this one. The calibration solution is kinda light. But works like a champ so far. Wanna get an Apera doodad but baby steps… :joy:


I want this …


They have the PH probes that go with it. Gotta get that separate…

Apera makes great products. Good range of price too. Can get the pocket testers reasonably


It’s weird one plant did it but the other is fine I water them both with same water and nutrients


Some plants are just more pH sensitive and picky then others


So I have 4 meter’s, 2 read EC(Bluelab) and 2 read PPM(Hanna), What a pain


Hahaha. But u can get a sweet mean…


This girl sure is sexy. All in one



Can someone tell me if I should start flushing ???



So wait to start flushing ?


Hey do you think I should start flushing or wait a week or two still ??