First grow White Widow Auto flower

Lol all good thanks and do i have to taper off the veg nutrient or just jump off and on to straight boom nutrients??

And do I still give them lighting of 18-6 OR 12-12 ? Thanks again sorry for the msg after msg.

Yes, taper off the veg nutes. For autos it doesn’t matter what lighting schedule they’re on, but most people put them on 18/6.

Oh I just fed it bloom nuts if I don’t taper off will it kill them I used a quarter of what is says to use

No, it won’t kill them, they’ll be fine. They still need a little bit of grow nutes for the next week or two.

K thank you

Hi there. I’m Angie. This is my1st hydro too. I had 2 Auto Chem and Auto white wdow. I failed miserably 1st round. I killed them in the rockwool, on a seedling mat in a domed tray, yep…but I’m looking to order new strains today and start again. I didn’t so hot the first time but I’ll try until I do. Maybe we can compare notes. I hope I’m going about all this forum stuff right. If not please excuse me. Angie

I would love to tell you something helpful but all 3 of my seeds didn’t even sprout. I’m having to start over. Good luck to you. Angie

Open room.

Hi if they were ILGM seeds they will replace. That being said give the group a rundown on how you germinate your seeds and everyone will help. You can start a grow journal and get help the whole way. Don’t give up, its a weed and wants to grow :clown_face:

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Thanks. No they were all 3 Canuck and i ordered through Royal Seeds. I fed exed the money and i got them in less than a week. I germinated them in rockwool. The pH was 6.8. I thought I knew something. I put them in my tent on seedling mat in a domed plastic pan. I put them in the rockwool, after soaking for hours and tested pH. Then the wait but it just didnt happen. All three so yeah i feel it was me.

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2 chem auto and 1 white widoe fem

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I soak my seeds in water 30 to 1 hydrogen peroxide for 24 and place in a presoaked rockwool cube that was soaked in 5.5 water for an hour. Lightly squeeze most of water out before placing a seed in it and then on seedling mat @75-80.
In general PH in hydroponics should be 5.5-6.5 with a 5.8 being the sweet spot for nutrient absorption.
Please go to my grow journal, i’m on my 30th day since germination

Mine are from crop king seeds white widow Auto fem I’m in Canada so I’m not sure if I can order seeds from ILGM but iv heard good things about there seed I use a 300w LED viperspectra and a fan moving air around in side a my 2w x 3L x 5H tent and keep my humidity between 40-60 for grow and I was told when it starts budding to keep it between 40 and 50 temp between 25 30 this is my second grow and there no huge and I don’t think I’m going to get much off them but iv learned a lot for next time do some reading on and ask questions on here a few of the guys on here have helped me out big time.
Good luck

Thanks alot!! Hope yours gives uou what you want and more!! Angie

Can anyone tell me why I have a couple Brown shriveled up leafs on the bottom.

Those bottom leaves will naturally die of, no need to worry.


What she said. How the girls looking? :eyes::eyes:

I’m late, here, but next grow try pushing the veg nutes for a week or 2 past the first showing of pistils, then go to transitional nutes for 2 weeks, then go to bloom nutes.

I tried that on several plants during this grow, which allowed for much more veg growth before hitting full bloom. I read other auto growers/breeders doing it to maximize their auto yields, so thought I’d try it, too. It seems to work well.

I have a Jamaican Berry super auto that’s not supposed to start flowering til about week six. Well, it started throwing out pistils at 3 weeks. Instead of switching to bloom nutes, I’ve listened to the breeder’s advice: pushing veg nutes til week 6, then trans, then bloom. The pistil development has greatly slowed, but the plant is still growing plenty of lovely budsites.

I have 3 autos that just started flowering waaay too fast, so I switched them over to bloom nutes. I mean they went from a pistil here & there to budlets, overnight; I figured they were clearly telling me something. :grinning:

So, to make a long story short: you can wait til you get a lot more pistils or even tiny budlets before starting transition nutes, then full bloom nutes. If the auto is a really fast finisher, you’ll want to switch to bloom nutes much faster.