First grow White Widow Auto flower

The fan to recycle air. I wouldn’t think it to necessary for a small grow. The fan and filter is for smell and i think that s what most use it for.

What kind of soil

Pro mix potting soil

You can start feeding her as soon as her cotyledons (the first set of circular round leaves that shrivel and die) fall off. Do u have a pic from her bottom? The top looks good. And i saw this question about promix pH earlier. Try 6.2-6.6 if at all possible

See inside the white circles? Those. Not yet. When they yellow, shrivel, and die. She needs food. Those are cotyledons. They house all the nutes a seedling needs to start. Until roots n leaves are developed enough to survive

I did not know that thank you

No problem. Any questions. Feel free to ask


Hey just want to post an update that pic I just post if from 10 minutes ago I think there looking good am I right ?

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Yes, they look very good.





Should I keep using veg nutrients or switch to bloom nutrient ? Looks like it’s starting to bloom no ?? Someone let me know what I should do ?

If you flipped to flower, then yes, start bloom nutes.

It’s been on 18-6 for lighting since day one there white widow Auto flower

I didn’t flip it to anything it did it it’s self

So start bloom nutrients ?

Oh, sorry, i’m stoned atm. Yes, start Bloom nutes.

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