First grow White Widow Auto flower

Hey there thought I’d give this a try and see what I can learn this is my first grow I’m doing 2 White Widow Auto flowers and it’s only the first week and there not to big any idea what I could do ? I’m using a 300w viperspectra and it on 18-6

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First, welcome to the Community!

Picture’s are always a huge help when you want advice for your plants.

I don’t see any issues with that light, although if it came with an owners manual and it lists PPF or even PPFD at a height that would be beneficial.

18/6 should be fine for the time being, if you start to notice any stretching or notice they aren’t getting enough light try changing over to a 24 hour schedule until it starts to flower.

Keeping your Ph in the correct range will eliminate so many issues with your plant, as a lot of what appears to be “nutrient deficiencies” can actually be caused by the Ph being out of balance.


Pictures and are you in a tent or open room?

They are in a tent it won’t let me upload picture from my phone I’m trying to figure out how to down size picture size


Thanks #kalverra I have been checking the ph before every water and ill try the 24 at first sight of stretch thank you any advise is appreciated

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I think they look fine for one week old. That is about the right size. :sunglasses::us:

Awesome.Thank you for the reply :canada:

Yup she looks right on schedule. Well done. N welcome to ILGM.

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Welcome to the forum Yup looks normal
The first couple weeks there is little above ground growth as it fills the soil with a Nice root system
They going to take off soon

CB are u daydrinking? :joy::rofl::joy:

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Wish i was im at work typing fast with fat fingers lol @PurpNGold74

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Sane here bro. Fresh off lunch all down hill from here…

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Thank you all very much big relief for you all to tell me there fine. When can I start nutrition iv been just doing my ph at 6.0 to 6.5 ?? And there in soil.

Can anyone tell me if I have to have a filter and Incline fan or can I have the small screen open on my tent to let some fresh air in and just a fan in the tent moving air around ??

The fan to recycle air. I wouldn’t think it to necessary for a small grow. The fan and filter is for smell and i think that s what most use it for.

What kind of soil

Pro mix potting soil

You can start feeding her as soon as her cotyledons (the first set of circular round leaves that shrivel and die) fall off. Do u have a pic from her bottom? The top looks good. And i saw this question about promix pH earlier. Try 6.2-6.6 if at all possible