First Grow White Widow Auto - Feedback if I'm on the right track


Here is my plant at just over 9 weeks. There is no way it will be ready to harvest in 10 weeks. Is something wrong ? Or does it often take longer than 10 weeks like the auto plants on ILGM say the should be ready.


here is the pic… i hope


Auto’s do their own thing. It would be reasonable to expect the auto’s to go longer than the very optimistic times posted by the sellers. Remember people buy the shortest posted times.

What you have looks great. Betcha if you give it 3 more weeks, you will be one very happy proud farmer…:cowboy_hat_face::v::vulcan_salute::v:


Thanks! Being a first timer 3 more weeks will feel like 3 years… then dry and cure another 3 weeks. I’m really looking forward to tasting the WW!


Patience grasshopper…patience


My last wwa went damn near 6 months seed to harvest :triumph:


Dang HornHead… How much was the harvest? There is no way I will last 6 months!


10 weeks from the start of pistols


I pulled about a lb off it believe it or not


Good God…


Like mentioned above, 3 or so weeks should be fine. Either way You’ve got some nice buds coming your way


I have a WWA planted 5/10 still going to need 5 weeks to finish , been smoking her sisters for 2 weeks plus a 2 week dry and cure, I should have just pulled it in late june


Just harvested this ww auto yesterday. Fourteen weeks give or take a day or two. Curious to see what the final weight will be.


Beautiful plant you have there. Looks like it’s going to produce a nice harvest. You can tell you did your homework for your first grow. My first grow was pathetic.


Thanks… I tried to be prepared but I sure made my share of mistakes! I have some yellowing of the top leaves that I thought was bleaching so I moved my led up. But I think it may be a ph problem. Any ideas? Your WW got huge! The one I have is just over 2 feet


I made a supersoil mix. Seems to keep the ph in check pretty well. My second grow I used fox farm and ph the water when feeding. I like the super soil much better. It is some work at first but you only have to feed you plant once. My friends also grew a ww auto but it got root bound. It was much smaller. He got maybe a half ounce out of it. Make sure to provide the auto flower plenty of space from the get go or transplant them before it gets root bound. I’m still new to growing autoflowers. I hit on something that worked so I’m going to stick with it.


Did you grow it outside?


Nope, inside my small 20"x36" tent