First grow White widow Auto Dwc

First time grow, any advice?
White widow auto DWC, 27gal. Air stone
Fox farms trio

Beginning of week 7


What week of flowering is that it cant be week seven thats for sure ,cause im doin a white widow auto and mine is in week 8 and it looks like this

Ur plant looks good but it looks like its in the second week of flowering


Nah I’m pretty sure they mean week 7 since sprout.

Ditch it.

Okay, that’s extreme - but seriously, your plant is showing some deficiencies that Fox Farms can’t solve by itself. She needs CalMag, probably specifically the magnesium but both wouldn’t shock me.

She’s also going to want more phosphorus and potassium than FF can provide.

Easiest solutions are to get a bag of pure Epsom salts from your local pharmacy - just make sure it’s not scented or anything. Add at the rate of 1.5grams per gallon of water, but fully dissolve it first in some warm water before adding it to the reservoir.

Next up is the P/K problem. A monopotassium phosphate (your local hydro shop should have something like this) is the quickest, sure fire way to supply the boost she’s gonna need both now and as she stacks on buds. I have one called Mother of All Blooms. Fox Farms’ equivalent is called Beastie Bloomz - it’s a more expensive slightly less concentrated version. Amazon has unbranded MKP by the pound, which is $ up front but cheaper in the long run.

Your plants look good @MonkeyOatmeal36 and welcome aboard. Just keep an eye on these spots and try to treat as above.

Finally, it would be tremendously helpful if you fill out the “support ticket” - helps us help you if anything else goes sideways as you flower.


Stopped by one time in the last 20 plus days. This is where she’s at. Any recommendations?

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[quote=“MidwestGuy, post:20, topic:74818”]
What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed

Ilgm White widow Auto

• Method: Hydroponics DWC

Fox farms trio, cal mag

• Vessels: 27gallon tub

• PH of Water, 5.5-6.0

• PPM/TDS or 1700

• Indoor 4x4x8

• Light system Marshydro tsw2000

• Temps; Day75-78 , Night 68

• Humidity; Day, Night 70%

• Ventilation system; Yes, 4” a/c infinity

• AC, Humidifier YES , De-humidifier NO

• Co2; No

If growing Hydro some additional questions:

-Distance of liquid below net pot (DWC) 1”

In the future, more air between the net pot and the water line will allow for more air roots = Bigger root structure and easier oxygen uptake. I think you’re pretty far along now and your lady probably doesn’t care at all, but next go around when you have 3-4 nodes, lower your water line down to 2-3” below the net pot. You’ll get notably bigger veg growth in a shorter period.

Your plant also looks a smidge nute burned. IMO that’s the perfect level but I wouldn’t push em any more. Just as a heads up more than anything.

Everything is lookin good from here.

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I’ll definitely try more space on the next run.
How long do you think?

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I’ve never run a white widow - maybe @Mr_Wormwood @JaneQP might have an idea how long the White Widow needs to flower in general.

Since it’s been about 28 days (4 weeks) since your last post and it was around week 2 of flower back then, I’m gonna go out on a total limb and say another 3-4 weeks. But I’m not totally certain, not familiar with that particular strain’s needs.

They’re lookin good though.

HI, is that water level the same during flowering? these White widow auto flower drink about half gallon a day .

I removed all fan leaves that had any white powder mildew on it.

Thx for the tag @Graysin I have run about 8 different strains but not WW. Here is a chart that might help.

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I let my water level fluctuate pretty heavily in the DWC buckets - but I do check it at least once a day and top it off to keep it around 3” below the bottom of the net pot. My RDWC system is actually built so the water level is always 3” below the net pot, no more no less (unless I forget to check on it for 2+ weeks)

PS: if you stripped the fan leaves but didn’t treat the WPM, it will very likely have spread to your buds. Did you spray them with a peroxide wash or something to take care of mildew spores?

Hi, I did spray with peroxide yesterday. Toda I got Growers ally spider mite control ready to use spray (rosemary oil , clover, peppermint oil, water) and Growers Ally fungicide (.02%citrus acid and water) I paid $9 for water sprayer bottle with water. LOL. And Bonide Neem oil in sprayer.)

And for the soil plants I will use diatomaceous earth dusted on top of soil and stem.

ps. It looks it did. I guess I’ll try the citrus spray/ and harvest real soon and reset set-up.NEW CLEAN area.
Thanks for all your help. Happy New Year.


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That looks pretty lost to me. I’d be sure to wash it real thoroughly with lukewarm water and hydrogen peroxide when you harvest.

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Looking at these pics ur gonna wanna do a nice wash on them before u smoke them. If just on leaves u might be ok. I would trim off every leaf prior to wash as the wash will kill everything but not take it away. Of u strip off every bit of white u see before wash would be best. I myself with this would definitely do a wash in lemon juice and baking soda then I to a bucket of water and peroxide then clean water to rinse. I use the bath tub. 2 5 gallon buckets filled with warm water and the tub filled with warm water. First dip bucket is baking soda and lemon juice mixed in with the water third cup of each let dissolve til clear water. Second bucket do warm water full and 2 bottles of 3% peroxide mixed in so I take the branches and dip in the first bucket swirl around and let sit for like a minute or 2 let the mix soak into the bud pull out let drip off so much then into bucket 2 same thing swirl around let set for a minute pull out drip off then swish in tub to rinse off anything left behind from first 2 buckets. Hang dry over tub with a fan blowing on the buds on high til the bottom tip of the buds do not feel wet from the bath. When dried hang to dry as normal then cure. They r salvageable as long as it is not too deep into the bud meat. Of u see webbing like mold in the mids of buds I’d be Leary to smoke them even with a good wash it would still be scary as mold and mildew is def not good for the lungs.


Finally back! Ph was 5.1. Brought it up to 5.8 at moment. A little over 7 gallons in 1 week.

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This is my first harvest so any help is appreciated!

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