First grow! Whats wrong with my plant?


A question from a fellow grower:

I am currently growing my first set of plant and starting to get a hold on it,
but my lovely skunk have been suffering almost since day one
I was overwatering a bit in the start

Early veg as you can see have some yellow spots here and there
So I started watering less, it seemed to get healthier for some weeks, but then she started turning more and more yellow especially at the new leaves.
And then now she’s starting to loose leaves very fast some of the leaves around the main cola are also curving.
For what I may understand from reading it kinda looks like root rot?
It’s now in week 2,5 of flowering, I’m pretty worried about ruining my whole crop… But at the same time I really don’t want to throw away one whole plant (as I only have 3)
Was hoping you maybe could give me some guidance on this?


start with the basics.
what’s the soil ph?
room temp relative humidity?
how often do you feed?
tds of soil.

the first thing I would worry about is soil ph because the colour change is pointing to a nutrient lock out the curling leaves smack of p-k. since you are flowering plant will need lots of p-k potasium and phosporus in soil an ideal ph is 6-6.5 if you haven’t flushed soil or let it stay too wet for long periods the root environment may be full of salts (n-p-k plant food are salts) this creates what it known as a nutrient lockout where your plant has the nutrients there but is unable to absorb them. since you think you were over watering add some extra holes to bottom of bucket to increase drainage and airflow through your soil. Then I would recommend flushing rinsing your soil with 3-4 times the size of the pot in properly ph’d water test the run off several times as you flush to check tds and ph you are rinsing out unused salts and minerals and cleaning your root environment. Once you have tds down to 200-300 and ph 6 mix a batch of your flowering feed in proper ph’d water. and feed. The extra holes should help dry soil after the rinse.

hope this helps


Hey donaldj thank you for answer. the PH in the runof water is at 6,5. I have not flushed the soil. the room temp lays around 21 at day time and 17 at night time. humidity differ from 30-40. I have been feeding around every 2 to 3 day with biobizz organic bio bloom and top mix.
I do not have tds meter…


Ph is in acceptable range as is your humidity has the plants condition worsened?
Your tds would give you best indicator whether a flush is in order or not but many people recommend a flush schedule through a grow cycle for optimum root zone health. TDS total disolved solids is important information since feeding builds up nutrients in your root zone and at each stage of your plants life it is able to absorb more or less without damage burns or nutrient lockouts.
I would still say flush try and get your ph right down to 6 add some Calmag or even a little epsomsalt to your feed mix to boost Calcium and Magnesium. You could also be over watering are you letting soil mostly dry out? between waters? roots need air aswell as water if your medium is too wet too long makes for stagnant water around roots, cause of root rot which shows same signs as deficiencies since it causes them?
hope some of this helps


She have been staying more or less the same way the whole time…
I will try to seek after a tds meter thats not to expensive to check the soil:)
as it comes to rot, its something Im pretty scared of as I was overwatering this plant in the start of her life. I have been trying to find a solution to check this, but only able to find how to check for hydroponics. Is there any way you can check how its going with the roots as an easy an safe option in soil?


can you tell me what wrong with my plant?


appears to be mites get a microscope

I may be wrong but check anyway trust me they are the herpes of any grow room