First grow what's everyone's thoughts

First timer grower what do you think about my first indoor grow so far. It’s been a learning curve but I have enjoyed every minute


Looks really good.


Welcome to the community Damielsan, she looks nice and healthy! Nice job :love_you_gesture: auto or photo? I would suggest raising the pot above the saucer so that your run off doesn’t wick back up into your plant, are there holes in the bottom of your pot?


She’s a photo and ill get onto that now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very nice. What I like most is you topped and trained the plant to have a productive form / canopy. I see so many single stem, tall spindly plants the first time out. You jumped right it and you will be that much further ahead for doing it. Also, you chose photos.
How old?
How long before you flip?
Lollipop before flipping?

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I did a lot of research watching videos and reading forums, So this girl is 11 days into flower I lollipopped before flipping and done some slight defoliation today as it was getting too damn bushy. It is day 54 since first sprouting

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Must be since changing to 12/12. She is a little slower on the transition than what I experience but she is on her way. Your upfront time is serving you well. Is your space limiting you a bit? I ask because of the short veg time.

I probably could of vegged for longer but I was to excited for my first grow to see what happens second grow im going to use a scrog net and try maximise the tents size

First pistils spotted today so she is coming on her way now

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Understandable. Maybe that is why it took a little longer to transition.
I like to use autopots in scrog frames. Sometimes nets makes access for watering and maintenance a pain.

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Auto pots? Are they auto watering? How does it work. Are there any benefits to fabric pots compared to plastic pots?

Yes autopots are auto watering. The water / nutrient solution is put into a reservoir and a hose runs from it to each autopot. A float and valve mechanism controls the water level in each autopot tray. The pot sits in the tray and bottom feeds the plant. The combination of autopots, coco with perlite and Jack’s 321 fertilizer is quite commonly used by members.
I like fabric pots because of the increase in oxygen made available to the roots. The air also prunes the roots that grow through the fabric. Autopot USA has videos and full descriptions of the different types of systems. I have the Autopot XL 4 Spring pot system. The forum also has many threads on the topic.