First grow, what to do

What strain, AJ'S  sour diesel 

Method: Soil: Pro mix, FF trio nutes + cal/mag.

Vessels: 5gal bucket

PH of Water, 6.2 to 6.5, water is RO.


Indoor, 4.6 sqft space.

Light system 1-sf1000d - 1 phlizon 600w led flower switch only

Temps; 75f, Night 79 to 82f

Humidity; Day 40, Night 40

Ventilation system; Yes, Size, two 195cfm outlets


Co2;  No

I’m 17 days into flower and doing well, maybe too good. I’m a little worried about the size of my girl. I’ve tied down as many branches as I could and I did a light defoliation, but she is getting away from me!

My question is should I cut some of this growth out? Pretty much everything I’ve read says to leave plant alone when in flower so I have but thought I’d ask the community what your thoughts on my girl are and if I should continue to let her go?

Also I have another Phlizon light that I could add but space is tight and by my estimation I have 150w from wall or 32w per sqft with out it?

Anything else you guy’s see that needs to be addressed?


She should slow her stretch some, soon. She’s looking beautiful :heart_eyes:


Just keep her tied down , looking good , she still gonna do her thing


Looking nice and healthy! Why do you want to cut growth out? I agree she’s starting to bud up and stretch should be about done.


Welcome to the forums Bro-cha-cho.

I WISH I had your problem when I was just starting out.
For me it was a “what DIDN’T I do wrong” with my first grow.


Ok! Thanks for settling my mind guy’s.

My concern was/is that I see so many finished grows where the plant only had five or six branches full of bud. This looked to me that these growers where trying to make sure everything was at the same level height wise. Where as mine is fuller?

I bought this clone in mid December. Started in dime store potting soil, 8 cfl’s for light, no nutes, un-Ph’ed water, ect. Basically didn’t do any research, got lucky I’d say.

And I’m a Landscaper.

You should landscape some weed plants into your garden this summer!

Thought I’d throw up some progress pics!

Is this light burn? If not any ideas?

Look at those flowers spread wide and aching for a shot of seed. It’s like a Georgia Okeefe painting lol

Those leaves are not light burn. That might be the start of something like a deficiency but I don’t know anything about your feeding program or medium

Looks like a magnesium deficiency. If your using cal mag it’s time for a big flush. Nutrients may start getting locked out from salt build up and it usually starts about now depending on if you flushed before or not

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@Deez @Bluntsmoke

Sorry for not putting up this info earlier.

I have been PH 6 - 6.5 watering(RO)/feeding every 4 days, 1 gallon with 1tsp cal/mag(gh) - Ff trio, 2tsp big bloom - 1 tsp grow big - 2tsp tiger bloom.

Whats my next step, a flush?

Probably up the cal mag ppm a bit to 1.5- 2 tsp per gallon

Thanks Bluntsmoke, I assume that you mean to not only up cal/mag but to also flush with added cal/mag?

Am I feeding to often? The directions say up to 2 times a week, I’ve been watering feeding every 4 days.

If you were following the Fox Farms schedule which it kind of seems like you are with the trio, you would be pretty close to the recommended time to flush with sledgehammer. Possibly overdue. I’m sorry, I’m not looking at the schedule right now, just working from memory

First thing I would do is add 1 tsp per gallon of epsom salt to see if it’ll solve the magnesium deficiency.

Ok, I gave plant a flush with 5 gallons of 6.2 Ph’d water with five tsp of epsom salt. No nutes. At the end of flush I checked the run off and recorded a PH of 5.87. I also checked the PPM and it was 1020 at the half way point and 710 at the end of flush.

I thought that soil PH would be closer to the water at 6.20, do I need to raise soil PH? If so how do I best go about this?

Amazing how stressful this becomes as I get further and further along in the process. Had to take her outdoors to do the flush and had to smoke a bowl to knock the anxiety down.

Thanks for all the help guy’s