First grow week 7




First grow container i think to small but it dose nit look bad
600 watt led light
Any outher help


Without any more info to judge this on, I’m just going to say, I think its beautiful


keep up the good work and be patient, do not harvest too early.!!


Welcome to the forum and congrats on your grow so far. They look way better than my first batch!


Looks amazing mate.
In having my first grow too but in week 2.
Hopefully my plants will look like yours in some weeks :slight_smile:
Althought one girl of mine just made me happy. She grown alot


Week 8 white widow (auto)
Flushed today no more fertilizer just water hopefuly 2 more week 2 hearvest


I use ILGM nutes too. Once I dialed them in at the right dosage my plants have really thrived off of them.


Its working for me
1 gram per liter


Dont know if i slowed growth cut a lot if big fan leaves to let light in top bud stoped growing but outher branches shot up


The last 2 week do buds plump up bigger or just rippen? Any idies


She will fatten up. IMO she has more than a couple weeks. How old is she from germ? My very first grow I started flushing my blueberry auto, thinking she was about ready. She still had another month to go. Just trying to help you get the most out of her. You’ve done great, she looks good she is going to keep getting sticky and fat. :v::green_heart:


You still have white standing pistils. You have more than 2 weeks. I’d keep feeding at least until the pistils start receding. Great looking plant and I think it will plump up a lot more still.


i agree with the others, its too soon to start plain water,
i’d keep feeding at 1.0 g/L until she is showing brown pistols,
then i’d cut down to 0.2-0.5 g/L until harvest.!

did those dry fertilizers come from ILGM.?
i m running low and need to get some more grow fert.


Yes they came from ILGM
I STARTED with there beginner kit


Very nice…looking good, ain’t she beautiful!


Week 9 from seeding
I cant wait i think its looking good


That was only a month of veg?


Yes it looks awesome BTW…


When should stop feeding fertilizer