First grow wanting to know if this looks right

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Hey @Skid2 , welcome to the forum.
I fixed the word “First” in your topic. I swap letters all the time too.
Plant looks good to me…


Should i start 12 12 now an should i turn the veg switch off on my light


Leave both switches on all the time. You need as much light as it will produce.
How big is the tent?
And what light do you have?


Welcome to the forum. Looking good!!


Not a tent 3×9 pantry room an my light is a phlizon 600w i will be adding a 1000w in few days do you think that will help

welcome to the community. Looking good!

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Depends on what light it is. Advertisers greatly inflate abilities of most lights.
Do you know the brand and model?


Yep. More light is better. Check the tags on the lights - they should have an “actual power draw” on the specs somewhere on the actual light. I’m betting your Philzon pulls about 80 watts from the wall, and the other light is either 100 or 150 watts from the wall. Neither of those by themselves would get you through flower, but together they should help you produce some nice buds for one plant.

As spiney said, have both veg and bloom switches on all the time - your plants want all the light spectrums, just like the sun provides. :v:

Well said.


Yeah the 600 says 100w actual not so good

That’s not unexpected but honestly shouldn’t be an issue since you have a second light to supplement with - I’d add in that second light ASAP. :100:

We’ve all been there - I don’t think a single one of us on the forum has skated without grabbing a light that claimed to do significantly more than it does. Very few of us come equipped with a backup, so you’re in good shape.

I wanted to mention you could probably remove the foil if you wanted, provided that paint underneath is white - it will be just about as reflective and won’t run the risk of creating hot spots (since foil always seems to kink whether you want it to or not).


It seem thing are at stand still what to do idk who knew this could bw so stressfull lol

Should i be adding anything other than my flroa trio an calimac? Just wantvto see some flowwrs on thia gal

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Im adding a medic grow mini sun2 thinking i should have plenty light now