First grow w/ a vanilla kush , an adonis and a bag sativa


Started seeds in a potting mix, and have been adding led light and plain water through veg and tiger bloom during flower havent tested anything, oh sativa is in backyard dirt.
So Im learning a lot and cant wait on these but my tips are turning brown on most leaves andnot sure why, I havent written down anything duh.
So idk how long till i should shock and flush or anything. Heres pic of a v kush but all plants are douning it. Oh is in a closet house ac at 75 humidity is around 40 to 50, on 12 and 12. Recently added 2 300 watt cfl grow lights. Was told needed more light a 2 weeks ago, brown tips are more recent 3 days or so. Any help ideas would be much appriciated. Ill try to answer any and all questions
New photo by Cliff nothreefifty


When did you start adding Tiger Bloom, and how much? Looks like a little nute burn to me.


started tiger bloom about a month ago every other watering, and water about every other day, and mixed about half teaspoon to gallon of water the first two weeks and just less than teaspoon a gallon the last two except last two waters were plain rain water. they been on rain water for most of grow.


Latest pic i hope
New photo by Cliff nothreefifty

New photo by Cliff nothreefifty

New photo by Cliff nothreefifty


They hanging upside down now…