First grow! very excited but still have alot of questions Blueberry Autoflower

So this is my first legit grow. I was practicing with some different seeds and I was doing a pretty great job so I decided to finally buy my first seeds from ILGM. I got some blueberry Auto, my first seed did not want to germinate after a week but I havent given up on it yet, however my second seed Is growing pretty well this is the blueberry 5 days old.

I am using HappyFrog soil and for the time being I have it in a styrofoam cup until it got a little bit bigger than i was going to transplant it into a 1 gal pot. I ordered the fox farm growbig, bigbloom, and tiger bloom. I dont know how or when to use it though.

I am using a 50w led light

and at the moment I have the light 4 inches away from my plant. should I have it further?

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Also I forgot to mention I am keeping the light on a timer giving it 18 hours light and 6 hours of complete darkness… I’m not sure if that matters on an autoflower? my temperature is staying between 73-75.

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Yes I would raise it while seedling I would start at 24 inches and go down from there to keep it from stretching.
And for future reference auto flower plants do not like to be transplanted so after the Styrofoam cup I would skip the 1 gallon pot and put it in its forever home. (3 gallon or 10 liter is recommended for autos)
Auto flowering mj plants already have a limited veg cycle, so when growing them you really want the least amount of stress or anything that will cause the veg growth to slow will hurt final yield.
Happy growing I hope this helps


SirSmokes has u set up. Add some distance to that light. And dont worry about nutes until cotyledons yellow and die. Until then. She has all the nutrients she needs.


Thank you! I finally saw that on a different thread about not transferring autoflowers last night. I definitely will make sure to start it in its forever home on the next plant. So I was wondering, I know the auto flower will go into its flower stage on its own, but is there a recommended light schedule for them in the veg state? @PurpNGold74 @Sirsmokes

Some go 24-0. (I startd here but learnd better) but all living things need rest. Some do 20-4. Some (me included now) run 18-6. Others 16-8. Still ithers 12-12 from seed. Its all preferential. No set way

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I go 24 hrs for around 4 days then around 19/5 (just because that’s how my breaks at work allow for I don’t use a timer on veg only photo flower box)
For rest of seedling stage then in full veg they get 10 off and 14 on. Unless I’m flowering a photo then they get 12/12
When starting your next auto I recommend a starter plug then when you see roots you can move it into forever home starter plug and all. This way helps you from over watering because it’s really easy to kill a seedling in a big pot with water.

I prefer the wet towel method. It helps me see what the seed is doing and once tap root is 1/4" long move to clear plastic cup with head just even with the top…once roots look like a spider web, move to final container.

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Right. I have approx 20% success rate with pods. Like 90-95 with the napkins. Even when i used tissues and the roots grew thru it the seeds sprouted. The pods just either stayed to wet or completely dried out on me. I do agree with the final home as soon as possible. But ima starter tray guy. After first good 3 finger leaves with autos its straight to 5 galls

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I soak my seeds for 48hrs in a cup of water. Then I put them in a 3" round seed peat pots filled with Starter Soil. Water them…let them get light in weight then water again, repeat until they sprout. Then I hit them with some veg lighting.for 24hrs. I usually keep them in the peat pot until they have root showing through the hole in the bottom of the peat pot. Then I pot them in their forever home and change my lighting schedule to 16/8 all the way to the end.
Watching this thread as I just bought some Blueberry auto seeds myself. They’ll be this winters project. Growing some blue Cheese outside this summer. so I don’t have time for the indoor grow right now.


I made the mistake of ordering only 5 blueberry auto seeds, I figured because I’ve had success with the napkin method every time I’ve done previous seeds I would be able to grow 5 plants… but so far I’ve tried germinating 3 and only one was successful. (which is the one we are working with for this thread). What really worked for me in the end was the jiffy peat pellets.


Just an update. I did transplant my blueberry into a 3 gallon container and I also moved the light up about a guess at 24 inches.

I got my foxfarm bigbloom, grow big, and tiger bloom today. Very excited I have heard great things about these things! when should I start using them?

Also, how much and how often should I be watering it? I don’t to over water it. right now the top of the soil is dry but it is moist/damp underneath the top layer.

today it is about 7 days old.


She is looking lovely. Nice adjustments :+1:t5:

Now on the nutes. Ive never used them so my knowledge is limited on it. But never feed before the cotyledons (small first circular leaves) yellow then fall off. The hold all the necessary nutes for seedlings.

Also if you search there is a manufacturers chart around here somewhere. NEVER go into it at full strength. The makers dont know what strain your growing and they are all different. Also they are in the bizness of SELLING MORE NUTES. Start at approx 1\4-1/2 recommended strength and slowly work your way up.

I think the best schedule is Feed, Water, Feed. But there are always variables in each persons grow. Temp. Environment. Humidity all play a roll

Now watering. I water my girls every 2-3 days at their size now. 1.5 months in small pots. And my flowering girl every day or 2 depends on her thirst. Easier as u go along. U start to recognize hand weights.

But at your very very vulnerable stage overwatering is a real danger. Maybe once every 4 days with a few ozs of water around the edge of your ‘expectd root zone’ out towards the edges of the pot. Reason being you want to make the roots reach out n search for water. And not ‘damp off’ your stem. Too much water too close can be extremely detrimental. If the top is exceptional dry between waterings a light spraying of the topsoil works wonders.

Sorry for the info overload. Just wantd to answer all your questions thoroughly. Good luck

Looking good. I’m a newbie myself. My first grow was autoflower Northern lights and a Blueberry auto under LED in happy frog soil in 5 gallon fabric pots. I also used fox farms trio. I won’t be giving you advice, I’ll leave that to the experienced growers here who helped me along in my grow. Lots of great helpful people. Here’s a pic of my first BBA On the left is blueberry and on right is northern lights. I flushed my BBA to early and about killed her. So she looks a little yellow.

Good luck, you’ll do great! with the help of this forum I am learning so much :v:

So I saw on a different thread they recommended someone to put a done over their plant while it was still small so I went ahead and got one and it might have helped a little bit :slight_smile:

I haven’t watered in a few days so I went ahead and watered last night. I watered around the plant more towards the edge of the pot so the roots would have to grow outwards. Also it’s i moved the plant to a smaller closet for better lighting and privacy. @raustin I’ve been following a lot of your threads and hoping you could jump in with advice as well.

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Hi @jharlots, and congrats on your first grow. It looks like you’ve already gotten some very good advice from other members, but i’m here for you if you need help with anything. I think you’re doing a great job so far, the dome was a good idea. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and let your plant grow. I’ll be watching. :wink:

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yeah after extensive research I found the soil I wanted to go with was happy frog. What method did you use for germination? I didn’t have that much luck with my seeds out of 5 only one germinated. :frowning: I haven’t given up on them since I’ve heard sometimes some seeds might take up to two weeks to germinate so Ill keep them in jiffy peat pellets.

I soaked them for 24 hours in distilled water then put them in pro mix seed starting soil without any nutes in a solo cup. Misted as needed but not to much and 2-3 days later they were sprouting. I transplanted at two weeks into forever pot.

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I guess I should add that I always put the cup of water and seed in a warm spot. When I put it in dirt I use a warming seed mat to keep the dirt at least 70 ( had one from my flower/ veggie gardening) I’ve only germinated 8 total, lost one seedling because he didn’t want to ditch his seed coat and when he finally did he was all deformed not sure if I did something wrong or what. Another I lost to my being a cluts and knocked a little one day old o er on it head :cry: But maybe the warmth of the seed mat helps my success. I know I can’t start tomatoes without one​:joy: Happy growing :v:

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So I waited about 3 days before I watered it again and I think I waited the right amount because she looks happy and she seems like shes thriving (just hit another growth spurt). Okay I definitively wont hit her with any nutes till y’all say shes ready. I also have a happy frog fertilizer. I used it on some watermelon plants I have and it works wonders!