First grow (veggie tales)

Day 15

I have a 2x4x5.5ft tent with 2 1200w cob leds (270 each) actual watts. Light distance is 36", organic potting mix (soilless medium) 6" inline fan with variable speed. (125-250watts) seedling heat mat with digital thermostat. Set to 75degrees F

With both leds on and fan on lowest speed
My temps are H 86 L 64 and humidity H 78% L 50%
They are not constant

I have tomatos, lettuce, sweet bell peppers, and cucumbers so far. I’m growing them inside until they are large enough to put outside. We have occasionally strong dips in the weather so I’m a bit worried. I figure this is a good way to learn and dial in my setup, legalization is around the corner (hopefully)

Anyways I have the seedlings in solo cups with a bunch of drain holes in the bottom and filled the cups with organic potting mix (no nutrients)

They are a week and one day old today. Here is a picture of them:

On their first week (day7) I fed them 2 cups of ph’ed 7.0 water, 450ppm of miracle gro tomato all purpose water soluble plant food :+1:

I have (2) 2x4 and (1) 2x2 raised beds filled with organic garden soil(50%), (25%)organic potting soil, and top layered with organic compost(the last 25%)

Now it’s just waiting for these babies to grow old enough to plant outside!! I’m taking advice from anyone that has any insight or critiques of my setup or methods used.

I’m a beginner, this is my first time setting up shop. I will figure out light distance, temp, humidity, and food to use to give them the best possible growth the quickest.


Hey Guys ad gals!! I’m Old-oldtimer here for first time… I have 5 Delhi Friend Beans down waiting for pop’s and thought I would check to see if I could find someone who has grown these girls out who might share some tip’s… My first with these but tons of others so I’m not a rookie by any stretch, just aware that I haven’t learned it all yet at 77, LOL L8’r


Hi and Welcome to ILGM @Old-oldtimer! Great site for both seeds and help. The pro’s and members are great here.

I might suggest creating a thread of your own, perhaps under a grow journal so we can follow along. Your question might get lost in @AmnesiaHaze’s post. I’m sure someone would happy to move it for you. @latewood @garrigan62 can move it I believe.

Good Luck!

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Thanks Matt. I appreciate that haven’t found the link yet, L8’r

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@Old-oldtimer sorry I have not had experience growing these. Maybe create another thread of your own and ask some questions on it! Have a great weekend and happy growing!

Lights are at 36" from the floor. About 30" from tops of leaves. Been running both lights for 2 days now and have seen explosive growth after first 24 hrs after first feed

7 day old cucumber :cucumber:

Thanks AmnesiaHaze, I have been searching for that option but can’t find it,
any help appreciated…

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Upper right hand corner of the screen +New Topic

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Cool, Thanks Bob31, appreciate it man…

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some updates of the veggies, now 16 days old. They have received their second feeding of ph6.5 and ppm 350 of 250ml each


What’s really cool is watching them grow one leaf at a time :joy:

ph of soil

6.5 for soil hooray. Feeding with 6.5-7.0 lately and straight water 6.5-7.0.

noticed a couple f the smallest seedlings starting to mature got burned by the led. I was at 29-1/2"inches, so I raised back up to 36" and see how the smallest ones recover and hopefully won’t effect my larger cucumbers and tomatoes and lettuce

luscious lettuce!


One note to jot I adjusted the light back up to 36" and the plants responded positively. Their reaching for the sky now. :+1:

one running one light also because it’s a 1200w and these babies would fry with two running

just an update pic from the past two days

My lettuce is lacking something I just can’t put my finger on it