First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Welcome @Riskguy

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Thanks. I have a couple journals going on the other tab but skydiver invited me over here

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Sweet. I live in New Zealand how bout yourself what part of the planet you on.
This my 3rd year on here and growing known stains.
Have learnt a lot but it’s the tip of the iceberg really.
I’ve got a couple journals.
Decided to mack a new one for each season.
Yes an outdoors grower using the all conscious sun :sun_with_face: to grow my babies.
Had 4 auto’s 3 died to bud rot
One survived she ready this full moon coming.
In getting 9 photo plants into there pots as we speak.
Long over due.

Happy cake day @Skydiver

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I hope to get to New Zealand once this pandemic is over…always wanted to visit. I grew about 35 years ago in a table top unit called a phototron for a few years…otherwise I am on my first grow in a tent. Having fun and getting some advice from @Skydiver…although I am using nutrients

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Welcome to ILGM forum :+1:

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welcome aboard

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Highly intelligent work loved it many ideas to add to the grow @Mystro

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Thanks @Blackmoon

You should check out kind soil
They have a web site and there are many posts here that you can use the search feature to check out grows using it. There are other makers of this type of soil as well.

I’ll check it out

hey @Skydiver I looked at the info on their webpage and was convinced enough to at least try one or two plants in my next grow…but it seems like they may not be in business anymore. Their webpage is still there…but the sales page comes back as not found. Cannot search on Amazon…but if I use the link from the Kind webpage…it takes me to Amazon where it says it is unavailable. I know there are other hot soils out there…may need to look into one of them

Bummer that they aren’t around anymore
I’ve also used Indicanja and another one can’t remember name but is in my journal here…I think I have some kind still and some of that other that I can’t name…in a black bag you add to your soil

Another one I’ve used is Natures Living soil
Check it out.

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Looks like good organic soil, but does not seem as turnkey as the Kind…but that could just be that knid had a better marketing team

Every thing vibrates
What’s the frequency Kenneth

Enjoy the day