First grow using Worm Poo as medium

I’m tellin ya this spice de Cannabis is so deep we are just scratching the surface for what it offers us.
Don’t forget to sometimes just eat it from the ladies no processing no drying just hot wet ladies as I think this gives you many things that burning does not.
Variety is the spice of life.

How many ways to you partake feeding your cannabinoid system?

I think this covers me other than vaping it awhile back some under counter shit.
Chew on fan leaf stems like a piece of straw or grass…
Leaves / buds fresh for salad or samwiches shakes etc
Eat dried bud no decarb
Decarb bud and eat before bed

That’s pretty much my menu
As with many things closet to the source tends to offer the most benefits and as man processes Mother Nature things tend to get lost and the offering gets a little smaller. The buzz and other effects are great and all but I try to mix it all to get home fuckin grown organic herb 🪴 a “variety” of ways.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…subject to change without notice.

Enjoy the day, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, dawn and a new day.
That should cover our worldwide members time zones. :smiley:

What’s your menu?


10, 11 and 12 days drying Amazon 1 as I couldn’t harvest/process it all in a day.
Ended up with 600 grams jarred

Yea I know I wrote the year wrong as I always seem to do right after New Year but at least is had has 4-20 in the wrong date.
Buds were a bit dryer than I had planned but I’m sure they will be fine.

Amazon 2 not finished trimming her up but about 2/3 done. This one was less than half the overall size as the other and never transplanted into bigger pot so finished in 7 gallon and I turned down the lights due to height issues so the buds weren’t as dense as amazon 1 was.
Next light I buy based on what I’ve seen so far is another PLC photo boost build as I was able to keep them 75% power even with plants only 10” below lights and much better coverage than the two HLG 260xl fixtures on the other side lighting amazon 2.
Live and learn as I made many “mistakes” with these two.
Veg waaaayyyy too long
Not feeding correctly adjusting for plants mass.

Anyway another finish thank you for your offerings wonderful plant!


Awesome harvest @skydiver congratulations


Still finishing up the trimming.
Good problem to have I guess


I hear you.@skydiver last seasons grow i had these 3 plants with tiny buds all over it oh what a pain that was took days my gorgeous gorilla glue on the other hand snip snip done nice big colas it was a joy in comparison.
Sticky fingers


Just sayin


Happy Cake Day Skydiver!


Yep happy cake day @Skydiver

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Thanks all

Here’s a little ditty

Well I put 2 more GL clones in time out a couple days ago.
First one is in 1 gallon pot and looks like will yield around 75 grams when Jared up. The second is in a 3 gallon and will maybe be about 95 grams or so dry. Chopped the clone that was in the 45 gallon with the tomatoes about 4-5 days ago it may be all of 30 grams.

1 gallon girl

This was her clay saucer and the critters from worm bin eating a worm that crawled out and died underneath the pot.

3 gallon girl

Enjoy the day/night all


Crazy looking critters eating that worm.
Funny ol world :earth_americas: and what it hosts

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Jun 13, 2019

Is Raw Cannabis the New Superfood



It may surprise you to know that marijuana can actually be eaten raw. Not only this, but doing so can actually result in a wide-range of curative and dietary benefits for users. After all, cannabis is technically a vegetable despite the fact that nobody really calls it that. Is weed the new superfood?

Eating cannabis raw is, in actual fact, incredibly beneficial from a nutritional perspective - think about it, it is a green vegetable packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Ingesting raw cannabis opens up a whole realm of wellness possibilities, from epilepsy treatments to insomnia relief.


Cannabis has within it acids named THCA and CBDA, which turn into THC and CBD respectively when they are warmed up. CBDA is an anti-inflammatory, and also helps fight off bad bacteria. Furthermore, some studies claim that THCA can help treat neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease. It is also true to say that weed will maintain more of its terpenes when it isn’t getting lit up in a joint or a bong, and these terpenes are suggested to have anti-cancer features. Furthermore, eating raw cannabis is a fantastic way to get your daily vitamin C dose to help boost your immune system. Weed also has a high calcium and vitamin K content.

It has to be said that eating cannabis isn’t something you want to be doing if you’re only in interested in weeds recreational properties. No, this method is totally non-psychoactive and so is only really of use to people who are using it to reap wellness benefits. This is because the THCA and CBDA have not been turned into THC and CBD, because they aren’t heated up.

Raw Smooth is good

You can ingest raw marijuana in an innumerable amount of ways, but my personal favourite is to blend it up into a smoothie. I find that its much easier to stomach if its juiced and mixed with tastier ingredients such as strawberries, mangoes and kale. However, you can also pop it in a salad and eat it whole too. Hemp seeds, if you can get your hands on them, are also very good for you.

I bet you never thought there was any point in eating raw cannabis at all! Well, now you know there is. Why not go out and try it for yourself? It might be just what you need.


How’s that dandelion working as a companion? I have garlic, lavender, chamomile, marigold, white clover and Texas bluebonnet. I have dandelion all over my yard and never thought about it. Super healthy from all the unused tea I pour into the yard and garden.


The dandelion can get out of control and I have to remove from time to time but I also use it in my salads, sandwiches and smoothies too both from pots and from yard as I’ve never treated my yard with anything so soil is safe etc.


Here are some great articles if anyone is interested in helping to maintain their health or help fix issues.

Wanted to also share that I have been giving my friends a “starter” kit of SEA-90 to make some sole and use it daily first thing in the morning especially those with health issues and so far all who have been using it as recommended by SEA-90 maker seaagri dot com have noticed definite improvements with their overall health and feelings of well being etc etc.
I know it has been helping me feel more energetic and focused as well.

It’s even helped Bernie better deal with all his newfound fame.
He seems quite S”mitten” with all the recent attention…haha

Enjoy the day and keep feeding your endocannabinoid system folks


Are you using the livestock version or table salt?

Also, do you see any issues using the one that’s for plants? I don’t…

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