First grow using Worm Poo as medium

So does she look like she’s getting close?

Tent 1 going crazy
Think I need to move a couple out and maybe even flip soon these Gold Leaf are monsters.
The ones that are revenging have come along back to normal except a couple still show the reveg look pretty strongly …I guess as this is my first time.

Just defoliate them all over past 2 days and today it’s like I never touched them

Sprinkled some epsom salt on top of soil on a few showing signs of magnesium deficiency and those are in the re amended soil. The middle pot has the fresh super soil I mixed up where the Gold Leafs are.


Looking good!

There is a phase in a healthy reveg plant that is monster thick vigorous growth spurt.

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What up with the job kid?

My parents wouldn’t sign the release form cause they dead so back to my paper route lol

It went fine I didn’t realize the job market was like this currently…well that companies are having a hard time finding people…been out of it for so long…really since ‘81 to 2012 with only 2 different companies I’ve worked for during that time and no drug tests ever! This will be a good stepping stone to get out of the house and get my Azamax moving again etc. get engaged with the real world like before…part of a healthy system.
Thanks for asking!

Long story short I got the job as well as many others lol


Woohoo! Congrats


Congrats on the job Diver, plants are lookin sweet. Those huge pots are awesome.

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Yah it is super easy to find work these days and if someone tells ya different they are lazyass liars. Not only that but it’s the norm to find better positions/higher wages with new company’s then getting raises these days, It’s just the times we are in now. Greater hiring pool and you know it’s always greener on the other side. Lol it’s not the case with the more physical jobs though, millennials aren’t a very active breed.
Hey if your coming to work next to me make sure you don’t forget the homemade deodorant. LMAO I was up till 1am making my budder, I don’t do late nights no mo - ughhh


I always say, “better the Devil you know than the one you haven’t met”. I would leverage for a raise before jumping ship.

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Morning gents … did someone say Jump Ship? I’m in!
Is it a Cessna, Twin Otter, skyvan, Casa or chopper or 737…where do I catch the ride up…


Oh it goes w)o saying, but I’m so glad I jumped ship of 8 yrs. Then the job I left it for didn’t stick to their promise of paying for schooling and getting my COP (pool cert) so I bailed on them as well which brings me here.

All the side work I can handle, beautiful view & paid college/trade courses. I went from driving a 1000 miles & 70hr weeks to 8 hr days, double the salary (inc. sidework) & I’m not on the roads at all hours driving home with one eye…


That’s great and I bet (could be wrong) that your work happiness factor is greater too!
This job is about $30 an hour pay cut from what I used to make with salary and commissions but Was burnt out on the outside sales thing and the industry as a whole. I could have easily gotten another job doing the same thing but as I get closer to harvest…lol I’d rather do something I enjoy (this may not be it but is a start back) than the money thing…


This is some amazing stuff…new to me anyway some may have already been aware but anyway WOW. Also tells me that by decarbing the flower and just eating it or making budder with it keeps it closer to the soil and as Ive gone through my issues I found by eating as close to “the ground” as you can you get more from it. Once processing begins of something is the start of loosing things of value that it contains…my thoughts…stoned moments can be clear.
Know anyone with well with many diseases…this article touches on CBGA / CBG and some studies linked in the article and it’s trials and uses currently and possible to stop / reverse and maybe help cure those at Dis Ease.
Of course the poor diets of most people now a days pushes them to the Dis Ease side and just changing what one lets into their soil (eats) can also stop / reverse or maybe even cure those with Dis Ease and make them At Ease
Pass it on if you see any value in the info as it may help others.
Can’t post the link here but you can surf to it and there are 5 or 6 in text links to click for studies etc.

Hope this helps and pay it forward…knowledge is power


Couldn’t pass this up…gotta check it out…



Thanks to @AAA I pulled the trigger and the Infuzium 420 is on its way.
Love the Buck Rogers type name.
It’s shipped and scheduled to arrive on the 11th

Will be posting updated pics soon of my flower


As promised here is an updated flower pic

And tent 2 today


Went in to thin out the beasts from the east and a buddy wanted to get a couple growing outside when weather changes in about 6 weeks or so and decided to get that going for him.
My toolbox for cloning…
Cow pots
Mix of warrior light and ocean forest
Wet that down
Poked a hole in center of soil with the knitting needle if that’s what the shiney stick is at 7 o’clock.
Put some Mycho spores in the hole
Cut Aloe leaf from my Aloe plant to use as a natural rooting hormone stimulator.
Cut small branches with lower leaf nodes and stuck the ends into the cut Aloe leaf. Then shaved the lower branch that will be in the soil especially making sure I got them at the lower nodes and stuck the stem back in the Aloe and gooed it up and placed in pre made hole in soil and lightly pressed soil up to stem. Trimmed of the ends of the leaves and did some quick lst on them as they were not straight.
Took them from the largest gold leaf down low on the plant as I always keep some of those branches in tact that I would normally prune for possible clones down the road.

Dropping a couple autos for him too.
He doesn’t partake anymore but his wife has issues and she can use the medicine and I’m happy I can help!

Oh by the way did I mention I used
ALOE so simple and cheap.
Now they better get to rooting or my system or care after sucks hahaha
Taking that week and a half off from partaking lowered my tolerance a bit. Actually was nice being straight up for awhile as that can be a good feeling too

Here’s another flower pic
Isn’t she just B E A Utiful

After taking clones I gave her some knuckle sandwiches (HST)
More of that to come

Enjoy the weekend all


Muff… I mean skydiver.

Do you dome them?


No freakin way man
A couple of pieces taped together of that plastic trash they keep packaging everything in…that was in the back of the first pic on its side
Oh and I sprinkled some BTi granules on top and watered with some aloe goo and RO water too

Oh yea T5 lights one bulb power veg and one power veg+ something lol.


Oh Oh yea and a heating pad underneath too.