First grow using Worm Poo as medium

My buddy grew like 2 - 10 footers @ his old chicken coop location…he use to throw them seeds…lol he would move the coop around the yard…just wire cage and a small roost outta plywood. But it was nothing to move it and the grass would recover. I want to get chickens so bad but the wife…she thinks it redneck but I’m suburbs not like downtown. Plus eggs man, I need to man up… if you get rabbits I’ll pull the trigger since your such an inspiration Diver…:sunglasses::astonished::rabbit::chicken::rooster::rabbit2:


I just added composted chicken manure to my Biochar mix yesterday… this looks like a good thing.


This video simply shows different soils we use and how well they handle water…blew my mind …Boom Or at least filled it with more great knowledge


6 weeks old from seed tail

Fastest and biggest plant so far



Gold leaf


Super, I’ve got one outside right now.


I love GL… Grown it twice & still have 2 O’s stored for the long cure. I have about 4 O’s left but it’s the old lady’s favorite so I hid the 2 away atleast to see what a 4/5 month cure does for it. I find it to be a upity buzz, I can still get shit done but super mellow out smoke.


I have 2 in full bloom now. Dang I’m getting excited.


Good requirement came to Cali re companies actually required to show the ingredients contained in cleaning products.

Read all labels and research that shit
Stay healthy my friends


It’s about time but the friggin corporations will, like always figure a way around it.


@blackthumbbetty I have a question for you about an easier way to effectively strain the butter/Ghee or coconut oil from the plant material after infusing.
I’ve been using a strainer and a spoon over the jar after infusion to squeeze out the oil from the material a spoonful at a time. Been getting 2 - 4 Oz jars of cannabutter using 2 sticks of unsalted butter and 28g of shake.

Can you suggest a device or process that would make things more efficient. I had been looking into getting a coffee press like this one but am open to suggestions.

Thanks and great thread you have going with your recipes and all!


I’ve used a French Press, but the plunger couldn’t really take the pressure.

I then moved onto using large nut milk bags. Works very well, but still requires elbow grease to wring it out. Wet the bag with water & then wring it fairly dry before pouring in your herb/oil mix. Put on a pair of gloves and start twisting from the open end, like wringing out wash.

I’ve thought about trying the nut milk bag and a small cheese press, too.

Thanks for following along! Looking forward to seeing everyone cooking!


Am I the only one that laughs when I hear nut milk bag…lol


I was writing Nutbags, but then changed it. Nut milk bags are definitely hilarious to the 12 year old boy living in my psyche.


Well I appreciate you didn’t say 12 yr old girl atleast…:woozy_face::pleading_face:

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Got sandy soil? Want to get your Mico on?
Great video explains how they are recovering deserts to be able to grow plants and the process used states that it is or can be carbon negative…not neutral…negative…win win


Sprinkles some more meat mites on all the ladies today.
Tent 1

Tent 2
They are still revegging as well as a couple in tent 1

And here is the last woman standing from last round. Was from photo seeds but was in tent full of autos so lighting schedule wasn’t optimal for her.
Seed from my first Jack Herer Auto.
Should be going dark in a day or two.


Cover crop
It’s not just for breakfast anymore or the ladies.
Some plantain clover and the dreaded dandelion from tent…Mmmm

And some nice salmon with a honey sauce.

Bong apatite lol


Dang straight. That’s so awsome.

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