First grow using Worm Poo as medium

They are about to blow up!! Love how u keep notes bro. Inspiring. And cant wait to see what kinda artistic ish u get going with the ladies

Tent 2 pics
Had to get some of those YoYo’s as 2 of my bigger plants were starting to lay down poorly.


Nice yo-yo action.

Buds are looking chunky.

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Gotta love America…for the corporations and the almighty dollar


That was really eye opening. @Skydiver. So eating healthy is not necessarily eating healthy.
Makes me wonder where Canada stands on the issue too.
Thank you :+1::v:

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That’s disgusting.

the glyphosates have gotta go. there’s a really fascinating link between those and all the gluten intolerance issues these days and then it’s just a cascade effect from there. affects our gut which affects everything. not sure if i’m remembering properly but i think it was one of the mechanisms in killing off the bees too - affected their gut health.

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It amazes me how many substances have been deemed toxic and yet they are still allowed to be used every day because of The Corporations of America…formerly known as the United States of America


my first grow was about 30% worm castings bought at walmart the second grow i bought the castings from a local farmer and think i’ll go back to walmart. i try to make some tea and spray and water the girls to hep them go to flower then put the solids in the garden. That and rain water is all they got. 5 girls was not enough to last me until present grow that just started flowering so i fit 6 in my tent this time. i like ww and want to grow enough for my use only so that’s probably not enough if you share or sale. best of luck

Thanks @Alfred69 Good luck to you too.
Yea worm castings are wonderful addition to soil with all the living critters it provides to help the soil food web.

VPD for Dummies
Looking over the VPD chart wanting to be able to easily know what my readings should be without having to look at the chart I came up with an easy way to quickly know if your in range.

The 5/14/20 rule
This assumes your day temp is about 81F and night temps 72F or so.
I didn’t run/check much above or below these temps but they look as though they follow the pattern. Your results may vary.

How does the 5/14/20 rule work?
The numbers represent what you subtract from your temperature to know what your humidity should be for that temperature.

5 is for seedlings and clones stage (+/- 3 range)
14 is for vegetative stage (+/- 3 range)
20 is for early middle flower (+/- 4 range)

So I’m in flower so I will use the 20 and if say my temps are 77F my humidity should be around 57% simple 77-20=57% there is a range you could be above or below this number and still be in the “green” optimum VPD range.

Example with a seedling
81F - 5 = 76% RH for best VPD with a range of plus or minus 3
72F - 5 = 67% RH… etc

5/14/20 makes things much easier to quickly figure out what the VPD should be without always looking at a chart.

Legal Disclaimer:
Use this info at your own risk as poster takes no responsibility for inaccuracies omissions or just plain bad info that may harm you plants.

If anyone sees any errors in my thinking please let me / us know but that is my story ATM and am sticking to it.

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Edit to add that leaf temperature is also a variable in the equation and is measured using a laser temp gun. I’ve found with my lighting that the air temp and leaf temp have about a 1-2 degree difference plus or minus depending on height of plant versus one next to it that’s say 6” taller.

So you’ll want to use your leaf temperature with the 5/14/20 and not the air temp at canopy height for best accuracy. Also near the end of the grow in late flower is where you’ll probably want to go off the rule and drop another 5-10% RH (instead of using 20 you’ll use 25 etc) to minimize chances for Molds etc. in late flower. All this also will have to do with maintaining canopy for good airflow and of course have a good airflow system.

I hope this helps add to the confusion for everyone Bahahaha

Ok Nevermind just use one of the charts out there and forget what I posted…


Ummm, ok. As I was reading I was thinking that I don’t want to do any calculations, I just need a chart!

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The chart
The chart
The chart is on fire

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alright skydiver, I’m dense.the numbers in green represent what?

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Lol those 1.2 1.4 etc are the VPD
More importantly is just using your leaf (tent) temps and matching up with the range of RH closest to center of the dark green range
Dark green is the optimal range for flower
Lighter green is kinda ok
Yellow is not so good
Red (orange) is danger

This chart is lined up for flower
Really the same chart used for veg and seedlings etc just that the green section moves to the left for veg…range 1.0-1.2 and for seedlings left again range .08-1.0
Flower 1.2-1.5

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Thank you, Im dense.

I have been listening to KIS organics podcasts, some talk of “no till” gardening. I think Im in. I was going to start using Kind soil and buy new each indoor grow to keep out pests, but now Im rethinking my strategy to make more room in my indoor room for “rotation” beds that can rest/replenish a few weeks between platings. I think you would enjoy the podcasts.

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Thanks for the info.
I went and checked them out.
A lot of good stuff. Will be listening to many soon.
I’m working towards the no till and all.
Plans were to re amend the Kind Soil after a grow but with the mites that won’t be happening in the one tent. The other with the 2 45 gallon pots that’s what I am planning on doing.

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How wide are the 45 gallons?

I’m debating on whether I do a 4’x4’ foot print or 2- 2’x4’ footprints. I want to use a single container for multiple plants.


Just checked the site. 30” diameter or the tall one is 26” diameter. No need to check, thanks!

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