First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Well hops are related to cannabis


Add a little Buzz and Some Wine or beer or?

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@Skydiver I love your name idea! I have a composter out back and threw a load of worms in there a few months back, il prob use my compost when I attempt growing in living soil :slight_smile:


Which one Mrs. Hankey or Winnie The Poo?
Yea composting is sweet.
I saw my neighbor bagging up leaves from last fall. I told him he could save some steps and put them in my yard and I would be happy to turn them into soil.
Free stuff!


The star of the show


Here are the 2nd gen ladies right after being up potted

Here they are yesterday

Talk about genetics
My tomato seeds from 2 different sources 6 from each source
Can you tell the difference

These 2 are both Medijuana strain.
Both from seed and have same soil etc etc.

Both are doing fine but the difference in leaf appearance is huge between the two…genetics - been that way since early on.

Growth has been vigorous on the Gen 2 plants since going under the big top and the HLG light…now plural lights.
Temps with both lights went up to 82f from 75f with only one but my 8” inline was set on reo to lowest setting so just needed to turn up to ~ 75% speed and keeps temps ~ 79f and I have the 4” inline on the intake side set to run when temps exceed 77f

Thanks for tuning into the Poo Report and HAGD


I like Winnie the Pooh or s**t head :joy:

@Ricwil82 check this thread and method out :v:t2:

How much pop does it take to fill a 1 gallon container?

How much regular soil mix does it take?

I knew it was heavier but that’s a big difference!
The power of Poo

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I bet worms love spent grain @WickedAle it gets stinky and still has a lot of unspent sugar. I used to brew all grain had my own recipes.

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The stinky is all the nasty microbes that grow in it chewing down all that excess sugar. When I composted it with my grass it would be loaded with worms. It was fast compost too. It grew tomato plants 8 ft tall!


Mill Mud is also great to add to your own recipe soil.

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Yeah it gives off heat. Been thinking about doing it again did a lot of conditioned belgium stuff.

Ive used that yeast. Chouffe yeast was my workhorse.

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Not had that yet. Gnomes! Interesting logo.

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Its my favorite strain well that I experimented with. Their stuff was better before they were part of ommegang.

So is it more farm house saison style or Trappist style?

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both their stuff is polished but yet farm style whem it should be. Their xmas ale is is a must every xmas. nice chouffe.

I’ll look for it. Belgians make the most diverse beers in the world. Love all of them…geuze.


Mulching your potted plants.
Should you?
Look at the articles in this link

Would love to hear back from others who have had success or the opposite mulching potted plants.

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95 seeds for $600 what a great deal ILGM
$6.35 per seed…Nice
Thanks ILGM looking forward to the future grows and new flavors