First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Here is Jack amongst all the spider mite infested pots…only one not infested by them

She getting close too

A woman with 8 legs and 4 hoo hoos lol


Haha Jack H is too potent for em. They probably took a bite and got some high they forget to prppagate :joy:


@Warkat here is the worm pop grow


Yeee friggin haaaa tytyty just the kind of info im lokin for


You welcome buddy, skydiver is very knowledgeable : :+1:

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Here is my first grow journal you can see things I didn’t do so well and what I learned from those bumps

May give you some ideas

There is also a lot of great topics in the
Soil building section

And here too

And may other members with more knowledge than I as I’m really just a noob with time to read a lot…


@Skydiver what brand of tent do you use and would you recommend it?

I have 2 tents from here

Both Same size
I like it because of features and solid build…(don’t have anything to compare to) smart design haven’t had any issues with either one except the new zipper thing but that works itself out…
And free delivery for $260
They say designed by growers for growers and after having them I can see that circle of grower stoners sitting at the table smoking some sativa and tossing out the hey what about doing this… lol

They have some tent sizes that are the same but different prices not sure what you gain or lose can’t remember but I opted for the better one…ie 4x4 size 2 models one more than the other…I think …again would have to look again

Anyway great build and reasonable prices and free shipping on all tents I believe

So don’t buy from them just pay double for a gorilla tent lol



A noob with some SICK ASS SKILLS


@ThcinKC just sent me some information on brix scale.

Check this out:


Another avenue to learn dam you!

Some more info on Brix

From what I am getting out of this is as long as your soil contains all the mineral nutrients and you supply enough sugars to feed the critters and they in turn feed the plants and then the plants uptake those to achieve peak health.
I’ll look over all this again with a fresh view…please add to or correct what I have gathered about this so far.
Very interesting @ThcinKC and @AAA

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I think the extra juicy part of this is although you are giving all the goods to your plants, this helps to Pheno hunt.

Drop 10 seeds/ After 1 month check the PPMs, the one with the highest level should be genetically the strongest, stinkiest, terpiniest of them all.

I bought a digital refractor for my breeding research.


That made me go Huh…lol
This shit never ends…lol
Science about time the scientific community is starting to be able to actually dig deep into all this as was taboo for so long.
States rights … come on Ohio get with the program
Need to put the legalization of any and all plants on the federal ballot and see what kinda votes it would get…not sure if that’s possible to do
How the fk can they outlaw Mother Nature …diks
Brain not full but just recall button doesn’t always work


Oh yea and just smoked some of my mouth hash I made…so stoned but no pain


I’ve been seeing the words pheno hunt around lately and wondered what it was but spent zero effort on it as all that comes later lol…but this

Is very simple and I understood what pheno hunting is after reading it once…mad props :handshake:

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That’s what I’m chasing sir!!! Well done

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I made the hash when after harvesting a plant I scraped the scissors and put all that sweet sticky stuff in my mouth and rolled it around for awhile and when done with it put it on a tray…dried out and looked and smelled just like hash I got years ago from Canada…they always seemed to have good hash…not saying that’s how they made it but was a nice accident for me
No cost hash maker lol

One of my burdock plants
The bees and butterflies are loving the flowers.
The postal delivery lady not so much as it’s on the way to mailbox and her hair gets caught in it lol


They had a soft drink in the UK called Dandelion and burdock!

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