First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Cuyahoga Falls

15 miles from there

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Putzing around
needed to raise the clones up as some where starting to reach

What a great day it is to be


Oh yea
All 12 clones made it through just fine.
My buddy came and got 3 of them.
Clones are the smaller ones with the pretty fall colors in the leaves lol

Used the cut stick in aloe leaf and strip the bark off and stick in soil and water method I showed in earlier post.
Oh yea and I used peat pots no electricity needed for pumps and stuff other than just being in the tent in a corner using all that power

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Top dressing the gen 3 ladies in the 5 gallon pots with Feather Meal to feed the critters while they eat the straw I put down for mulch bedding. It’s 12% N all slow release so the watering and the critters will use it when needed.
Like a freakin lush forest floor lol

Pot is addictive I’m tellin ya
I just can’t stop tasting her leaves…


Oops I did it again




Show us a side view of the bottom plant plz sir…looks like you showed her who’s boss lol…I like to see their curves…meow lol

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Here you go @Gremmall
Around the plant in 4 shots and a lighting bug

The top of her is center in first pic

Pics might have loaded out of order
But anyway there ya go

Yes sir you got her bent over lol…very nice. Edit: humm safety pins in the bag to tie to…makes my case pocketknife/holes in the cloth bag seem silly now

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Is anyone else able to search for and find this post?

It seems to be hidden for some reason

Notice the red circle top left shows and eye symbol with a line through it.
I can find it because I started the topic but if I do a search for humic acids nothing comes up for it
@dbrn32 @MattyBear

@garrigan62 may know what’s happened here?

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Not coming up for me. If you go to your profile and select topics, does it come up there?

Not for me eaither

Yep I can get to it because I created the topic so it’s in my lists but doing a search no luck

Sorry, missed this part, lol

Let’s try this work around lol

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My hats off to the FDA and the DEA


There are 5 things above canibus that are legal and 10x-100x more lethal. Incredible.


Dolla dolla bills yaw!!!

Been looking into issues with using peat pots as a few posters here said they had issues with roots growing up to the top of the peat pots after transplanting them directly into the bigger pot.

  1. do plant the peat pot level or below the top of the soil. If not the pot can wick the water up to the rim of the peat pot causing the roots to grow up seeking water.
  2. if the roots do grow up to the top…pretty simple add more soil.
  3. they suggest prior to putting in larger pot is to remove the top rim of the peat pot and the bottom of the peat pot.

I’ve also come across this alternative (also see above link)

Just remember you gotta be smarter than the equipment that you are using or you may run into problems…

F plastic

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