First grow using Worm Poo as medium

It’s not me…it’s the voices in my head…and they tell me to get them out to the masses


If only I had that problem… oh wait, I will soon!

I literally take a few rips a week. I’m going to have to step up my game!

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You don’t need to step up your game, and my previous statement about you two was vague. I was writing about you, and Skydiver being deep thinkers that keep others minds moving in a positive & intellectual manner. I enjoy reading others thoughts, philosophy, physics, botany, ect. I become interested in something, and the O.C.D. Autodidact comes out inevitably. Now I can go on another learning tangent till I burn out. Thanks again, and please keep in touch occasionally. I have enjoyed, no that’s an understatement, I am floored by your minds, though, and humor.


Thanks! I’m always trying to improve.

I’ve been creeping on your grow journal. Your latest buds are beautiful!

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Take your lifetime because most of it is rambling. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, but genetics is the culprit. I did do some seeds with at least a Bud on each strain. See how they do in the future, but I have two more Black Widows & two Gold Leafs that I will bud in a 4-7 weeks during the summer. I will introduce after I clean up my house after this one is put away, and given to VA Brothers & Cancer Patients at my local Hospital. I go in with my Service/Disability Dog, and give out pot. The nurses know, but they are cool. It’s only a misdemeanor to give weed away under 20 grams in Florida. The staff is cool, and I have been doing it for over a year. Good Evening

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Hello all,

I just did some upgrades to my tents last night and boy does it make things easier.
My new 8” Hyper fan with advanced controller replaced my old 8” with a REO. I know I’m not spelling it correctly but is has Hysteria which allows the fan to have a set lowest never turn off speed and then as temps rise above your set temp (my case is 75f) the fan ramps up from (40% my setting for minimum speed) to a higher and higher speed until temps fall below the set and then slows back to minimum and it keeps the temps pretty much constant. I’ll move my old 8” into my new 2nd tent and depending on any environmental issues will get another 4” or 6” for active input of air rather than passive vent intake.

Why did I choose the hyper fan over the iCloud t series

  1. power draw 1amp vs 2.5 amps
  2. smaller and lighter
  3. optional advanced controller- it came standard with a REO
  4. Hysteria


  1. with advanced controller is $100 more than iCloud if I didn’t get this better controller I may have went with the iCloud but back to the BIG difference in power usage as this thing is on 24/7 and like lights is a critical component of stable environment. Big savings in electric use.
    I also moved out most of the ducting from in the tent to outside and that frees up room for adjusting lights better. Only thing now in tent is carbon filter and the 8” duct to the Wye outside the tent.

Anyway will update you all soon on how Winnie The Poo is doing and all the others.

Thanks for tuning in and HAGD


Nice, great work.

I’m slowly piecing together equipment for an indoor grow this winter.

That fan and controller is on my “list”.

Thank you for sharing!


Is this the one?:

Yep that’s the fan…then there is the optional advanced controller that I have that does what I had been looking for.
They come in 10” 8” and 6” they don’t make a 4”

Also check this post out FIRST Grow Room... finally!

Shows option to DIY a controller

It says it comes with a controller, not the same one?

It comes with an adjustable speed rheostat you manually set at x%.
Is what I already had on my other fan so was a pain when lights on/off fan stays at where I left it until I manually dial it up/down.
The optional controller has the abilities I outlined

Looks like they are partnering with Phresh filters which I also have one from them…one of the best out there

Save this one too
Is best fan for mimicking the variable breezes you find outside.
Just received my second one yesterday as I liked the first one so much…

It has random patterns that covers my entire 4x8 floor with the 8 plants all getting rustled at different heights and areas. Awesome fan in my opinion and it fairly inexpensive too

Awesome, I just looked all of it up and cut and pasted the link.

What size tent are you using the 8” fan in?

It’s a 4 1/2’ x 8’ x 7’ tent
Always buy up a size if you can
Never know when you might need the extra whatever …
I have 2 tents both the same size

True. I’m looking at about the same size.

Maybe I’ll go 10”!

Check your tent openings for size for duct run. Usually they are 4” up to 8”. Mine maxes at 8”

By the way still haven’t watered them since a week ago Monday.
10 days now…wow

I’ve got a room, I was going to set up a tent in it , but I’m going big.

The watering infrequently due to mulch is sutprising.

The tent I got was from HTG supply.
Reason I got this one is it is not 4 feet (48”) wide but is 4 1/2 feet (54”) that extra 6” can really make a difference during flower etc. love the tent designed and built by growers. Great features. Solid build and $260 delivered.
Yea I have 2 rooms in basement I’m using. Basement is about 1800 sqft total size…tons of room

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That phresh filter is no joke(price wise at least).

I’ll probably only do one grow indoors a year, so I’m planning a single harvest.l so I won’t need a separate veg/flower act

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