First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Some pics
Flower tent

Blue dream, GDP, SSH and WWX

2 gold leaf planted 30 days after all the others.

Same mix BD, GDP, SSH, WWX

Veg tent

Blue Dream and gold leaf clones above pic in cow pots

Some veggies finally started for outside…should have started them weeks ago.

Spinach is starting to come up

More edible “WEEDS” goes great in both smoothies and salads

Going to get the outside garden back in shape.
Enjoy the day

Oh yea bought me a Goji Berry bush seeing as I eat them dried from store all the time for $8 and a little digging will have them all season long…


Great movie

… add https:// in front of
If link doesn’t work
May be something you can use to help undoctrinate our youth to the real deal about cannabis use.


The link works for me, thanks :v::green_heart:


Thanks @Skydiver. I just watched the three minute introduction and then hit pause. I’ll be watching that later tonight

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Damn fine work my friend

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Not sure you all have heard but it looks like a virus has struck me close to home…

Hope no one has this happen to them and stay safe all
Safety meeting anyone? Puff puff pass…oh no wait we don’t want to do that so I’ve rolled up a doobie for each and everyone of you…so bogart that joint!


I feel ya’.
I just helped sanitize and shut down my plant the other night. 2 positives so far. The plant already reopened. A woman on my crew has been off work sick. I gave her multiple pep talks on the last night she worked because she is new and was down on herself because she isnt good enough to do her part quickly enough to keep production at the highest rate. Everyone that learns her job is slow at first. It’s pretty technical. Anyway, her friend at work blabbed that she might have it and I did work closely with that woman on her last night before she got sick. I also worked with one of the dudes who is positive at my plant. I got nothing but hope keeping me heathy.
…at least I got good herb.


I believe my wife uses cheese cloth. Seems to do the trick

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First time using peat pellets.
Wasn’t going to use them but they came with my packet of assorted spice seed kit so I thought I would give them a go.

Gonna drop an Auto seed today and get her going to replace the dying/dead Blue Dream in the flower tent as it’s pretty much toast. Will be interesting to see if whatever killed it will move on to others in that container.



I used them one time when I got a dome and tray that were filled with them. They all worked great. The only reason I do not is because I have all these small reusable nursery 3x3 insert pots and soil. It just keeps me from buying more stuff.

I did that tray for a guerrilla grow. I planted 72 plants and got 0 harvest that year. Oh well. Those worked great, though.


The mysterious life of Mr Buttons
2 weeks since flip on a 14 on 10 off cycle


You’re tent is starting to fill up. Looking great!

Just out of curiosity. What happen to the plant that looks wilted? The other plant in that pot looks healthy.


Yea this one hasn’t started getting any buttons yet…bahahaha

Have an auto that just tailed and will put her in a cow pot get her bigger and in a few weeks replace the dead one with the Jack H auto.
Yep the other 2 in that pot are healthy…so far


Unsure if I’m meant to like this post :thinking:
No solid leads on the cause yet, I take it?
Be interesting to see the root system.
I must be honest, I know your plant is dying (tragic), but I find it fascinating and truly hope you determine the cause, to prevent further sudden deaths.
Good vibes and good luck :v:


Thanks oh enlightened one! It’s 420 somewhere …in 5 minutes anyway.

I’ll be digging some more around the stem but won’t be pulling it out. Don’t want to f up the other twos root systems in there.

I’m just watching her do the decay thing…like all things do eventually.


It’s the rapid decay, while the others are peachy, that is so curious.
The rest of the tent looks great Skydiver. :v:

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I’m pretty sure it’s a cal mag deficiency.

Let’s tag Gary gan. I’ll need you to fill out a support ticket.


U meet the fockers…
Too funny
Just popped on and you were posting that…
Laugh cough

I told you I filed those TPs reports in the porcelain file cabinet


I bet this would be the most used term on the forum… CalMag… it’s everywhere
Yet not where it’s supposed to be when it’s needed


Looks like cal mag problem :+1: