First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Maybe “too hot” is the wrong words. BAS said it has too many salts or something.

Based on using 10% of worm poo, I would need to triple or more my volume to get the soil right.

We are going to use the soil I mixed as top dressing to all our outdoor beds.

And, the first 18 cu ft I mixed I accidentally added 7 pounds of crustacean meal.

So, I blew it.

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Stop getting so stoned before you mix!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m telling you…


Your rocking it @Skydiver


Just a public service announcement

More back doors they use to put shit in our bodies!


9 different strains mixed Up
1 doobie
3 puffs
Gonna have to mix up some more of that

Variety…The Spice of Life


Good for…
Soil critters

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I will never ever buy any products with scent or fragrance in it again it’s stupid ugly what they put in some of it. Pay attention to this folks it any ugly ugly loophole and it’s hurting you no question about it.x


Sorry I like to smell good, deodorant for the win. I know your body oils and stuff are good for you - I’m a 5 -7 showers a week kinda guy. Guy I work with takes 2 showers a day. I can’t wake up and take a shower with one eye open, I gotta shower night before. Regardless I need my deodorant Im a sweater…

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Translation - I’m a Floridian


Deodorant is awesome it’s just that the skin absorbs things we put on it.
There are many underarm deodorants available. both the big brand names that usually have things in it that aren’t good for our bodies and some that take us and our health into consideration that don’t pollute our bodies systems but still do what we buy it for.
I used to use Mennen Speed Stick… loved the Musk scent…and slapped in on every morning for as long as I can remember.

Getting sick opened my eyes to the plethora of known and unknown (think fragrance WTF is in “fragrance”?) chemicals in our environment some under (pun intended) our control like underarm deodorant and some not within our control like air quality or water etc.

Choices choices choices

And the deodorants with Anti perspirants (think aluminum) have added ingredients that don’t play well with your critters and your system. I don’t need to be force fed aluminum 24/7 365. Sweating is the bodies way of getting rid of stuff that it doesn’t want or need anymore.

I too really never gave these things much thought and went along my way using all the things made in the lab and sold to use without any idea how many are just fked up for our long term health.

To each their own but I’d rather choose what goes into my soil (body) and strive to feed it the healthiest things I can.

Don’t sweat the small stuff? Lol


I want one :crazy_face:

Skydiver, hoping you can help me.

I have gotten mixed responses online and frankly I’m really frustrated.

I can’t tell what’s going on here. I’m pretty sure she is female, I see lots of pistils.

But some people are saying she is male?

I’ll admit, I’ve been fooled a few times at bars in Hollywood, but this one has me stumped. Haha…

It’s a girl, right? I’m hoping, don’t want the Hollywood experience.


First a side note: LOL… in the comment box it says Drag or paste images… “huh-uhuh - it said Drag, Beavis”
Now back to our regularly scheduled reply:
Hooray for Hollywood…



Haha that’s funny
Good question on the gender. Wish I could help but I’m not sure either as at first glance it looks like male flower pods but also shows pistils too.
I’ve seen pictures of others plants in later flower where the buds looked “seedy” like but the poster didn’t mention they were male or those were seed pods…sorry I couldn’t be much help. Time will tell I guess. Maybe let those “pods” develop more and then open one up to see if pollen or not?
If I come across any info I’ll let you know

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Sorry, I was being sarcastic, was hoping the Hollyweed thing would set the tone! That’s my Freebird male.

Also, I stoped wearing deodorant when I was 18 after hearing aluminum caused Alzheimer’s. I know that’s antiperspirant specifically, but figured a daily dose of anything I don’t really need is uncalled for.


I had read about earthing for health about a year and a half ago and have been using a grounding pad in my bed since then. Think grounding stakes outside connected with copper wire then connected to your breaker box which then runs through your houses wiring to provide your outlets with proper ground. Using this ground my grounding Matt plugs into just the ground of the outlet and a wire plugs into the Matt providing me with negative electrons when my skin touches the Matt so when I’m sleeping I get the benefits of being connected to Mother Earth as I would be if outside and barefoot or wearing leather shoes. If wearing rubber soles that insulates is from the earth so no benefits.

Anyway I’m going to be connecting several pots in one of my tents to the houses ground as that tent is in room where a copper ground wire coming from outside is connected to my main water line coming in. I can also I guess just use an extra unused receptacle on my power strip in tent. Looking to use solid copper wire maybe 14 gauge (not yet sure how thick yet) any thoughts? And then connect to a small copper rod and then daisy chain from that to another pot and another pot etc with a way to easily disconnect them as needed for maintaining plants when I need to move them around or out of tent for a bit etc.

Have seen online companies now offering kits to do the same for house plants but the prices are pretty steep.

Anyone with any experience or thoughts on this please chime in as I am always looking for additional input one way or the other.


Ya got me…

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Sounds super interesting. Once I get some clone mono-crops going I’m going to start myth busting or myth confirming. This is one for the trials.

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I’ve Ben a follower of grounding for a couple years now and believe it to be of benefit. I love this idea of reconnecting my plants that way. I will be all over this one Thanks @Skydiver. Again you bring the great ideas to the table…