First grow using Worm Poo as medium


Hello all,

This journal will chronicle my first and maybe my last attempt lol using worm castings as my main ingredient in the growing medium.
I mixed up worm casting 75% and the remaining using equal parts of perlite and granular Diatomaceous Earth and placed the mix in a 1 gallon fabric pot. Once the seed popped I put it into the medium and 4 days later she broke through the Poo. I topped with maybe a 1/4 inch of seed starter mix prior to it sprouting so it had some lighter weight material to push up through. Not really sure if that was needed but now the top looks the same as the others.
Once she outgrows the 1 gallon assuming she makes it that far I will then transplant into either 5 or 7 gallon pot using anywhere from 50% - 75% poo and the remaining using perlite and granular DE.

Should be interesting.

My First Growth Journal

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle…looking forward to watching your sh!t grow. :eye:


I’m tuned in. Always wanted to try a mainly castings grow, glad you are taking one for the team!


Very curious what type of results you are going to get, looking forward to this grow!!


Given all of the microbes and N they may blemish easily, but once going they should flourish.

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What strain? Just because some handle high n better than others.

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My experience with castings has shown them to be remarkably stable and benign PH too. Plants love it.


Here is a good explanation of the nitrogen relating to worm poo

The strain is White Widow Extreme

I’m scared sheetless… Not lol


I have an idea for a name for the Poo plant
Mrs. Hankey lol

What do you think?
Any other ideas for a name that fits I’m all ears or bunghole…lol


Following… I have heard of worm casting tea during flowering is amazing… Good luck!

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Bet your shit smells of marijuana! Lol! Fantastic experiment il be tagging along for the ride, eager to see how it turns out. Good luck and happy growing :v:t2:

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I’m watching good luck on a huge harvest

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Thanks everyone this should be sheettastic.
Filling up the pot was like making a mud pie in the driveway back in the day
If this sheet works out and my worm farm grows big enough well sheet my pot fills will be cheap. Even now if I fill a 7 gallon pot with worm poo and perlite and DE it’ll be around $10-$12 I guess.
If she starts to suffer because the sheet stops hitting the fan…er roots cause she ate it all I have back up Nutes I can top dress and teas and all…along with more worm poo too!

Maybe I’ll call her Winnie-The-Poo


Set to watching. Interested to see how this goes.

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Looks like you are getting your sh!t together.


Check this book out really good.



Thanks @Hungrybud I downloaded the sample from Amazon Kindle will def look it over and may buy it. Only have had my worm farm since around December and getting it ramped up for more Poo production.


Well I just finished putting together my second HLG 600H light so there are 2 of them in the main tent…those plants futures are so bright they gotta wear shades.

And I better keep wearing mine…dam it’s bright in there…36” both at full on screaming feed mode!


You need to find a home brewer friend that all grain brews. Ask him for his spent grains. Worms love this. Makes for awesome compost.


Great idea @WickedAle
Maybe I’ll contact a pub / restaurant that also offers brewing of beer and wine and see if they wanna get rid of the leftovers. I’ve brewed there with some friends 3 or 4 times over the years.

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