First grow using auto and can't tell what's wrong

Hey everyone
I’m new to growing and I’m growing 2 autos (white widow, bcn xxl critical)
The white widow have yellow tips on the top leaves near the bloom
The bcn is clawing down

They’re both growing in 3 gal fabric pot in living soil under a 125 watts each at 26" distance
I water at ph 6.5 every 3 days and haven’t used any nutrients just top dressed with bat guano when it started to bloom
Bcn xxl seem to not like that much water

Thanks in advance for any advice


Am I first? Sweet! Hello Chillis, white widow is da bomb my growmie. Your ladies look good to me. 26" distance on the light seems a bit high. I would lower it to 12" and see how they react. If you find that a plant is not drinking as fast or as much as the others I would check your run off PPM. Also marijuana loves wet/dry cycles so check moisture levels in the soil and water/feed as needed when dry. Keep the PPM at around 800-850 at this stage working your way up to 1000. If it is over I would flush until you get down some. Top new growth will be lighter. With all that said, man your ladies look great. Carry on!


Looking good looking good. Yeah, let them dry out a little bit.

She will show you what she needs over time.

Not seeing any cause for concern. Are you setting this light using DLI/PPFD? :love_you_gesture: are planning an organic grow or going to use salt based fertilizer? Fertilizer will need feeding to run off to keep a healthy root zone and organic does not but remain lightly damp to keep the microbes alive :love_you_gesture: I flush as a last result and only when the PH is way outside the range

Thanks for your answer. Really helps out. The lights was originally at 24" (2ft) and as I saw the top leafs turning slightly yellow I raised them thinking it was light burn. You’d think 12" is no overkill at 125w?

No haven’t planned out properly from the start. I’m more of a, feel like doing it, do it right away guy. So that’s why I’m running into a few issues identifying sickness or defs. Just using light distance and wattage from the research I’ve made. My lights are dimmable so I can turn them to 200w/a light. I’m trying to go full organic but it’s not that easy I live in the part of the world mainstream organic supplies are hard to find.

BCN​ critical is doing better from overwatering but still clawing on the top leafs and started to show some discoloration on some leaf.
Been using a regular 12" fan to ventilate the tent I leave open.
I’m thinking nutrients lock out and wind burn?

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Lock out is generally PH related or an accumulation of salt build up in the root zone that’ll drive the PH down. Most cannabis friendly mediums have the ability to buffer the PH. PH and PPMs are tested using run off or a more accurate method is a soil slurry test. Hard to assume lockout without knowing what’s in the root zone/medium :love_you_gesture:

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1,000 watts you should be about 36"- 46" so at 125 your good at 12".

In the absence of a meter or the Photone app the manufacturer’s ht and intensity setting will get you by but not anywhere near an exact measurement. Not all lights are built equally regardless of the wattage and often times misrepresented. Even canopy distribution is the goal and trying to average equal lighting across the grow space without a meter is a crap shoot. I recommend the PHOTONE smart phone app :love_you_gesture:

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:point_up_2: wow, what light is this :love_you_gesture:

2022 Upgraded WZDRAGON 1000W LED


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That’s not a 1000 watt light Growmie, stated 250 watts compatible and not sure that’s accurate. You want to look for wattage draw from the wall :love_you_gesture:

Welcome to the forum, @Chillislandgrowr.

Welcome to the community @Chillislandgrowr. The others have you covered.

I have almost similar lights. But my wattage refers to wall power. They can be raised to 200w wall power. It usually emits 1200w through the LED but I never pay attention to this

Thanks for this info was very insightful. Checked my pH and ppm levels before watering but never checked the runoffs. Will do for next watering and keep you guys posted

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Anytime Grow Bro, it’s all a learning curve :love_you_gesture:

Looks like mine different brand but otherwise… usually 20 to 24" above plants. Not dimmable but switchable, I switch both veg and bloom on throughout grow, is that the same thing and is that OK

Hello everyone
Tested run offs and it reads 1635 ppm 3.270 ec at pH 6.9

Tested before watering and it was 0078 ppm, 0.15 ec adjusted pH to 6.5

Getting more yellowing moving from bottom to top of the plants.
Something is off with the soil might have overkilled it with my ratios?

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