First Grow Update

Had seeds sprout the first week of September. Approximately day 35 of seedlings appearing above ground. They seem happy and healthy. Approximately day 16 they were transplanted into the five gallon pots. Being new to growing, had no idea about autos being started in the pot they’ll finish in. Two Malibu Pie, two Banana Kush, and one Dark Plasma. Also started some new ones in a new seedling/veg 2x4 tent. I moved my Amazon Blurple Special into the seedling/veg tent. Soil slurry ph was at 6.5. I always water with 6.5-6.8 ph’ed, de-chlorinated water. No sign of any pistils or pre flower yet.tent-10-11-20 tent-10-11-20-2


Looking good, happy growing :+1: :smiley:

Good job so far nice and healthy

Nice…good stuff! May the grow gods be with you & welcome!!!