First grow update, input welcome

Strains: Bubblegum (fem photo) and blue dream from a dispensary nuggie

Germinated: 12/25

Potted: 1/9

Soil: FF Ocean - eyeballed some extra perlite

Light: 800w quantum led board

Tent: 4x4x80

6" inline fan w/ sensor probe

6" ducting run from the bottom holes for intake

(2)6" fans above the led going while the lights on and a 16" box fan running in 2nd speed 24/7. Temp control is set to high of 75.

Questions: How early can you top? I lost the page but I read something with pictures that showed “plucking” two small leaves fairly early on. It was after the leaves with 5 points develop I believe.

I have a Cloudline T6. Is there a way to set is so that the fan will bring the tent to a certain temp, say 72, then no kick on again until the temp rises to, say, 78? Right now the tent heats up quick enough that it reaches the max temp again in about a minute. It seems a bit over the top to have the exhaust fan going that much. It’s something I can’t figure out no matter how much I read the instructions. Maybe it’s not possible but it’s seems super basic. I live in Alaska so the tent gets to about the 67 at night and the fan never kicks on (I have it so it will always run on the lowest speed).

Any input at this stage in the grow is greatly appreciated. I tried to be concise but other points if interest are that I used that great white microbe stuff when I transplanted and also that they were left unatended for a few days early on when a buddy let me down which is why the bubblegum’s first true leaves yellowed.

I am looking into getting a cheap lux meter I can connect to a Bluetooth app. I use the dye method for pH. My tap is perfect 7 I ad a few single drops of the pH down and that seems to give it a perfect slightly yellowish green probably 6.5ish if I were to guess. I’ve read ph in the water doesn’t matter until you start adding nutrients whatevs takes a couple minutes.

Some photos. The first is the setup, second the blue dream, last two the bubblegum.

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Nice setup! The yellowing is probably a little shock from the soil. FFOF is really hot and has a tendency to burn seedlings every now and then. As long as new growth up top is looking good and it isn’t persisting, you should be alright. The yellowing probably won’t go away, but shouldn’t progress as long as you’re pH’ing your water.

This could also be an issue. Might not be. pH meters, BlueLab or Apera to name a couple brands, are highly recommended. Can be a tad pricey, but are very reliable and dependable. Seeing that all the new growth looks good, should be ok.

If you don’t have one, you’ll want a TDS meter so you can tell how heavy your feed is when you start and if issues arise in the future, you can test your runoff. Like $15 on Amazon.

Most growers wait til the 5th or 6th node has grown in, then cut the main branch down to the 3rd node, leaving the small branches and fan leaves.

Looks good with all the companion plants! Good luck and happy growing!!


This is entirely up to you. I like to do this at around 10" in height, regardless of the number of nodes. Topping or FIM’ing is done with sharp scissors.


Set your temp and your RH: with a little trial and error you can adjust the RH setting so that, at night as the RH rises (and temp drops) you can hit your setpoint. There is no way I know to increase the range between on and off. 78F is ideal BTW.

There really are no cheap LUX meters, nor are they useful for growing cannabis. PAR is the more recognized metric (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) or PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) which is measured in both DLI (Daily Light Integral) and in µmol/j/m2.

I would invest in a decent PH and TDS meter. Apera, Bluelab both make good units, along with calibration and storage solution.

Looking at plants, you’ve got a week or two before topping.

This is a great video explaining a lot of the process. Dr. Bruce Bugbee, Professor of Plant Science, Utah State and President of Apogee Instruments (they make high end quantum sensors) so he knows his stuff. Well worth watching.


Awesome responses I really appreciate it. I will say I experimented when starting them and the bubblegum I did mix in a bit of FF in the bottom half of the half quart container I started in. Could be it was too hot as it didn’t happen with the one I started in just seed start mix.

Sounds like at this point I should get an electronic meter for pH and tds which is on the list.

That pictorial on topping and gumming was great. As far as the lux meter, the only thing I read is that you can use lux to find what the par rating is. It’s certainly not something I think I NEED right now but I know I’ve been reading these led boards are all different. I’ll take a look at that video today after work.

I’m not very good at referencing peoples responses in my posts but thanks you guys! That info should get me through the next couple weeks at least :slightly_smiling_face:

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A good ph meter is a must have. You can download the Photone app on your phone. It’s not perfect but plenty good enough for what you need

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LUX measures light visible to the human eye, including green which the plants (mostly) ignore so you will not get the same or correct reading for PAR. You need a quantum sensor which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. ($400+)

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All tips above are right on. I tried using the ph strips and even the tube you put solution in, not nearly as accurate as a good ph pen. Also tds meter are most. Agree with above yellow leave could easily be a little shock, should be to early or any kind of root problem. Great start nice step up. What is your light never seen one that small that can do 800 watts you have to be careful manufacture can make some ridiculous claims. Another thing if you have an iPhone photone app is great, I’ve heard of people that have androids and Samsung phones and it not nearly as accurate for some reason. But looking good she growing so definitely doing something right, keep up the good work

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I may try the photone app just to dink around but yeah $400 is a bit steep for what I’m trying to accomplish lol. Definitely did not know the dropper tests were so inaccurate I will have to order a digital reader asap. The ones on stock here are way marked up.

Thanks for the kudos on my setup. I went high end with things like the fan and the light. I guess you wouldn’t consider this light that high end but I got it over black Friday and it had good reviews. It’s the BloomPLUS4000. It claims 800w output with a 50% draw which was appealing. It can be dimmed as well. It’s about 1’8"x2’. Says "works for a 5x5 on the add but I had to just buy something haha.

A lot of the info I get and have got for my whole setup and grow have come from searching old threads in this forum. Great little wealth of knowledge here hopefully I can update pics of nice buds at some point :pray: