First grow, unsure of when to harvest (12 weeks in)

Hi all,

I bought some GG4 autflower seeds a few months back to casually try to grow some MJ. I didn’t take it very seriously, just wanted to see what I could produce with very little effort… Well of course I got hooked on the hobby so now I’m reading everything I can and preparing for my next batch.

Meanwhile, my first two plants are a little perplexing. I started my first plant in a small potforpot, but didn’t give it enough light so it got very stretched and I eventually moved it outside where it really flourished. I moved it from the potforpot fabric pot into a 5 gallon bucket (with holes for draining) and it quickly grew up to 2.5-3’, but with pretty sparse branches. It started to get cold (50F) at night so I brought the plants inside, which stunk up my house so I got a tent, filter, light set up. The works, haha.

She’s 12-13 weeks old now and has decent sized buds despite all the stress I’ve put her through, however what’s strange is that she’s turned SUPER yellow. I had started a 2nd plant about 4 weeks after my first one and that one is doing fine. The yellow one doesn’t seem to be drinking any water (takes days to dry out after I water it, whereas the younger one drinks it up in 24h or so), and the buds don’t really seem to be fattening up much more, though they are still sprouting white pistils and the trichomes are only just now started to turn milky (from clear).

Here’s a bunch of pics:

You can see the very yellow one on the left

The buds look nice though, all things considered!

Anyways, so I’m wondering if I should just chop this yellow one and accept that the buds are “just ok” and chalk it up to being a beginner and start fresh with my next batch of seeds, or if I should leave her be for a couple more weeks? I know that “when should I harvest” is a question that’s asked over and over, but I figured with all the extenuating circumstances of this plant it still warranted a post.

Thanks for reading!

She looks pretty close! If you want to be sure when to chop you need to look at the trichomes with a jewellery loupe.