First grow under way! Three Lemon Haze 100% sativa in a 4 x 4 x 7 in soil under 900W LED

After a false start, my 3 Lemon Haze clones have a real light source! A Viparspectra V900 LED Grow Light - quite an upgrade from their 76 watts of fluorescent anaemia…
Before (1.6.20) 6 inches tall (the beginning of its known life)

After (29.9.20) 14 inches to the main tip

Really healthy growth

I am growing in 5 gallon pots filled with Canna-soil professional and watering as needed with pH 6.4 water. As my lighting was so under-powered, water uptake is slow as I have almost no evaporation. Last watering (to run off) 5 days ago and the pots still hold good weight. The plants are really perky - and that is under poor lighting! The only trimming has been scarred (nute burn episode) or discoloured.
I have Canna-vega (used once hence burn) for when they thicken and Canna-flora once the flowering kicks off. I also have 016 liquid oxygen to encourage uptake later and mild mix as a foliage spray.

At the moment I have the new light on veg only (switchable) at about 44 inches above canopy to let them ease into the new light. With exhaust and supply fans (supply fan also encourages movement) I seem to be holding 21 deg C and 58% RH (72 deg F) so I am pretty happy with that.

Once they have adjusted to the light I will lower and turn on the flowering lights to the recommended height. Next will be to top the girls and clone the tops (now that I have the clone light installed back in the cloning tent - where it belongs).
@DankBank22 @MrPeat @PurpNGold74 @Cannabian @Dman1969 @Covertgrower @Davyg @MadCandy @Hellraiser @beardless I hope you guys can join me on this adventure! Your input and comment is valued and appreciated!


Thank you for the tag. I use Canna professional and I love it. As you’ve discovered you won’t need to feed for a while as there’s plenty in there. That soil is buffered at 6.0 but the plants love it so I lift my feed to 6.5. Babies are looking good. I always clone my tops as well as it seems a shame to bin them. Looking forward to the adventure :sunglasses:


Just glad to have your input! I haven’t seen many using the Canna range on here - great to find another!
They really seem to enjoy the cooler, drier end of things. I have no idea if that will continue - with such an empty tent. I am guessing the humidity will increase as the canopy thickens after topping.
I am a bit undecided when to top for maximum effect…
I don’t know if my thinking is off, but now that I have lighting and the tips are at a height of 14 inches. I am thinking get them to 16-17 inches and top them to about 10-11 inches. I want to SCROG these girls, so if I set the mesh at 25" that will give them plenty of time to thicken up before reaching the net. That gives me plenty of height under the light and a ‘fudge-factor’ of 6 inches or so to adjust the net.

The stems aren’t overly thick at the moment - so should benefit from the delay.

Be prepared for really stupid ‘requests for directions’!


Cheers for the tag! They are looking good they will love their new light good luck and I’m watching! :grinning: I won’t be much help but I’ll cheer you on from the side line :dancer:t3: :upside_down_face:

Hahahaha!!! I got me a cheerleader! :rofl: throws pom-poms

I value your input - you have been where I am - in soil under LEDs this is all new to me :slight_smile:


Set to watch. Let it rip.

Awesome! Thanks mate. So keen to get stuck into this and get these girls some growing!

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I think I topped mine around the 5th or 6th node and she exploded, AK47 she’s a big sativa now :heart_eyes:

That is probably about where I will end up - with usable clones - and exactly what I am hoping for. I have only seen these girls grown outside - with minimal assistance. Really hoping they thicken up to get a decent canopy happening. Did you SCROG yours as well?
Does it makes sense to tie down in lst once topped and let that grow up to the screen? Or just top and guide it to the mesh rather than anchor to the pots?

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I could easily have filled a 4x4 with her but I have too many in my tent and they’re all at different stages of flower. I topped her then LST and got fed up crawling around trying to water them so I binned the net and let her grow.


Set to watching and stoked to be here! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Wow! She went berserk! You got some crazy weight there. If that is from one, I have three… even at half that I am going to have to control them somehow!
Yes, watering will become a challenge - but I do have access to three sides - so can get to them for trimming, guiding or removing.
Because I will have 6-7 weeks in veg (only 2 under ‘real’ lighting) I don’t know what the impact of that will be… is holding in veg longer, a good or bad thing for the end result?


Good stuff! Welcome!!! Really excited to get these girls going - and your input would be awesome.

    Lets GOOOOO 420!! Woohoo haha


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I have shied away from heavy sativa strains because of their height. So that would be my concern under any situation. You have to do the math. tent height less fixtures less light height less pots etc. The remainder is what is available for the plant when mature. I have a 7’ tent and would be hard pressed to grow a 5’ plant. 4’ is a push. I had some 4’ white widow autos and in the end I was scrambling to bend the tops over and tie them down


I absolutely agree - and have the same concerns - these girls stretch if allowed.
The way I see it happening - or hope to - is that I set my net at 25" - so near enough to 2 foot. My tent is 4 x 4 and has 3 girls. I figure at best that is accommodating 5 foot plant. With more new growth pushing - rather than tapering (due to the longer veg). Hopefully that also equates to more bud sites to expose.

Can you top more than once - to increase that tabletop effect - relying on the netting to take the weight of growth rather than the trunk and branches? I am sure there are limits - no doubt one will be the 5 gallon pots. The roots and trunk can only take up so much goodness… If the root ball is my biggest issue I would be laughing!


Yes you can top more than once.
I account 30% stretch when transitioning. My SLH stretched about that much. You should be alright if you figure that in.


30% stretch in transition from veg to flower?
That brings me to another question. I’ve read the guides on scrogging. I get that you guide into the screen. Let them grow 4-5 inches and then start tucking or hooking to the net - and keep guiding.

My question - which isn’t clear, is when in all of that process do you flip to flower???


You flip when your screen is 60% approximately full.


Is that the formula that approximately gets you a full screen/ harvest? I was expecting earlier than that - good to know.