First grow under the ES180v3!

My last grow got cut short by an unfortunate hermie :frowning:

But I am happy to start a new one under my brand new Electric Sky 180 v3!!!

I hope you all will follow along and help me with my grow :slight_smile:

I have two Gelatos by IlGM in my 2x4 tent under 1 ES180v3
Here we go!


Gud lok

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Lower your light to 36 inches from the top leaf on the plant 🪴. If you plant training , the first 6 weeks, the plant should be trained to the light right , in flower the light controls the plants stretch.
Unless you want them super stretched , I like tight node spacing , I mean spreader is not bad , it means it’s more sativa dominant or weak lights , I also believe in my opinion close stack node spacing plants has better resin quality than long stretchy stalks.

My light is already at 38” above the plants at full power.I think it looks further because I used a wide angle lens for that photo. And according to the manual, that is already WAY closer and higher power than I should be at this stage of growth. I do appreciate the input though. I’m already experiencing slight heat stress so I’m putting another fan on the light. I do want to lower the light as I ease them into this new powerful light, because I agree with you I do want tight internode spacing. It seems to me I should be able to get a lot closer but I don’t know why the manual says it should be 4 feet above the canopy and only at level 7 intensity. If anyone else has grown with the ES180v3 I would love some more opinions about light height. According to the manual I’m already 5 levels over the recommended intensity and 1 foot closer to the canopy.

I am noticing very vigorous growth though and the internodes are much tighter than my previous Viparspectra quantum board light. I am loving the electric sky so far.
Also, I looked out on the patio yesterday, and noticed a seedling that I thought was dead, had been stretching like crazy! So I brought her back inside and put her under the light. She’s stretched quite a bit, but Ill make it work.
@yoshi @Randy_Marsh
I am not noticing any stretching at all with the two seedlings that have been under this light.

Be patient @Gleathers , whenever you don’t see much going on above ground , is because it’s a whole lot going on beneath the dirt you don’t see , but from the looks of it , they are definitely healthy and rooting , in the next 2 weeks , the top growth will be ridiculous crazy .
Now as for as the light , if that what it states in the manual , I would extend that measurement by 6 inches to be safe , to protect the plant from light burn :fire:, due to how the light is reflected in degree or angle for light penetration and intensity. You here not so bad reviews on those Electric Sky lights , that’s is the one with the Utra Violet bulb in the middle I believe right , but they sippose to be strong intense output .

@yoshi im not sure about the UV part but you are correct about the linear lenses directing the light diagonally and I know it has a lot of infrared light. So far I love the tight internode growth and the plants are just overall more beefy than when growing with my Viparspectra lights. I actually lowered the light after giving your opinion some thought, trying to really push these babies and they have responded quite well. But now I’m trying to decide if I should top, FIM, or just tie down. I usually top and then grow up into my SCROG net. But I have been inspired by @Stonedrus and want to try more LST and super cropping to grow short bushes the way he does. But I’m not sure where to start. Tie down first? Top first? FIM? Does anyone have any recommendations or articles to read to try to create the most bushiest plants possible?

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Calculated timing , practice practice, but timing is very important as to recovery from the stunt .

Having some impressive growth under this light!! I am loving how BEEFY! The leaves and stems are!! I topped a couple days ago and have been feeding them silica and compost tea for now until they use up more nutrients in the soil. But between the silica and this light… I have never seen such hefty stems and leaves on a plant this small yet. I don’t know quite how to describe the leaves, thicker?? They just look so durable/sturdy/beefy. Beautiful deep green thanks to the silica so I have really been able to push the light on them. I would recommend these lights to anyone, I already have a second one on the way! @yoshi @Randy_Marsh @Ironman26 @Stonedrus @Calizona @spyonyou



Now those are some real nice looking plants.
Good job! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Hello everyone. I’ve noticed some weird growth happening. After the topping, two of the plants sprouted three finger leaves. And they are very uneven. The leaf pairs have one big leaf, and then one much smaller leaf. Is this some sort of deficiency? Or light stress? Or is it something not to worry about? I’m also curious as why the plants have already started growing staggered nodes. I usually don’t notice this happening until the plants get older when growing from seed. Also, the edges of some leaves are curling up a little bit which is usually from heat stress but my temps have stayed between 75-80 degrees. Anybody have any ideas? @spyonyou @yoshi @Randy_Marsh @Calizona @Stonedrus @Myfriendis410

The electric sky light panels right ?
Don’t they have a model with the UV light bar in the middle with Cobbs maybe , I’m not sure , but I will need more light power for sure after coming to the final weeks of drying and curing, I originally assumed 5-6 Oz but was I wrong , just a few grams over 4 Oz from that one reverted plant which either the burning affect the over all yield numbers , are I did not veg the roots enough but I would have lost stretching room big time . So I’m seeding 5 need ones but on a short veg to fill the scrog screen maybe with the 5 , but it’s never easy trying to grow 5 fmdifferent genetics in one grow, it’s always is a headache in one plant somehow , but until I can figure out what I’m wanting , I’m still in research mode as something new will be out in the next month .

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Damn that patern got crazy , forgot the term but it happens often on clones , and sometimes it just happened , normally a branch grows on each side of the stem at the same height, not here

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Looks like they bounced back from the light stress and are back to growing normal amounts of fingers on the leaves. They are looking so BEEFY! Hope everyone is having a great day!