First grow, trichomes are already amber

I didn’t think the trichomes would change so fast. I thought I had a few more weeks of grow. Can you please help me with my next steps. Here are a few pictures of the plant I noticed the amber trichomes on. Thank you!


The trichomes ALWAYS finish on the top and sugar leaves faster. Because it gets the most light. Nothing to worry about…this is normal. :+1:

thank you so much!

How are you evaluating the trichomes? The photos aren’t macro, and lack the resolution to show the tiny glands.

Sorry I will post new pictures tomorrow when the lights come back on through my magnifier

I tried my best to get some better



As stated above.

Trichs on sugar leaves always amber early. Dont go off those. Check the trichs on buds. From the pics they are still clear n starting to get cloudy. Have a bit longer yet.


what do you think now? I’m so nervous to not harvest that the right time

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Nice job :+1:t5:!!!

On the forsure buds. I still see cloudy clear. Hows the whole plant looking

I think I’m having a couple issues here and I’m not sure what to do I just noticed a few spots and some cotton ball looking stuff on one of my plants… please help! any info
and expertise would greatly be appreciated

Yucky… that looks like a type of mold. @Myfriendis410 @Drinkslinger



Some kind of mildew. You could try spraying down with straight 3% peroxide but your environment is off to allow it to grow in the first place. More airflow (fans) and lower humidity. You have to be over 50% RH.

Is the “mildew” only on the buds?
Botrytis usually starts at the stem/interior of the bud
Wpm will appear as small fuzzy Round dots as it begins fruiting, but typically takes over leaves and buds. I’m not seeing it on the leaves.

As noted, it’s not good. Airflow and humidity can help prevent, but it won’t cure.

Right now I’m experimenting with Organic JMS stylet oil for wpm. It might also work for your issue. It’s supposed to be fine within days of harvest.

Many swear by h2o2, I swear it torches my plants :grin: