First Grow - Trich Pix - Opinions?


I took these on the buds of my Green Crack Auto (Sativa) … As it is first grow, I’m wondering how close I look to harvest? I tried getting closer pics but it’s pretty difficult so these are from just my 40/60x loupe. I have a digital USB that will be here Friday. When I look with my 120x, my buds are very cloudy, no amber yet, but being a sativa… wouldn’t you want to harvest when all are cloudy? Weirdly like half of my cola has red hairs and the other half does not… Also example in pics lol.

I plan on chopping the top half and then let the bottom half mature.


In my novice opinion, you have more time. Normally start checking trichs when pistols are 75% plus brown/red shriveled.

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More than this? What would you say I am at now… Percentage wise?


Further than I first thought.

You are looking for cloudy trichs. If you want a couch lock night you want 30%-50% amber.

I like 10-20% amber.

Your trich pics still look pretty clear. Let’s wait for someone else to chime in.


Still a lot of clear trichomes. Don’t judge the pistils, the trichomes tell the whole story. :wink::v::bear:


I agree with @MattyBear still see clear trics in your pics!!


I’ll take some more pics Friday when the digi gets here, it’ll be a lot easier. As always, thanks MattyBear :blush:


No problemo :wink::v::bear:


The buds look great, but the trichomes say give it more time. I’d take another close look within a week and see if there’s any amber or all cloudy.


I just want to know how you got that good of a pic for your profile pic?! Is it yours?


I used the google machine.
Excellent point though. It may be time to change it.

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Tsk, damn. I was really hoping it was your pic because then I was going to ask what kind of loupe do you have and where can I buy it…


I broke an old laser pointer open, took the lens out of it, made a small wire frame to go around the lens, and taped it over the camera lens on my cellphone. I can’t find a picture, but some of the photos I took with it are here: Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


Where’d you get the idea to do that? Very clever. Might have to have my husband rig up something for me…


Connects to laptop.


Yep! I’ve got this one coming Friday! Excited to test it out.


They work well with a steady hand, or even better try to make a stand for it to prevent camera shake.
Then all the photos are sent to your laptop, and you can pick and choose which photos you prefer.

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I saw the idea somewhere online…can’t remember. I can’t take credit, anyway. I have a microscope for looking at trichomes, but it’s impossible to get photos through it. I’ll probably invest in a USB microscope when I get going again.

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Your mostly clear. I’d give it at least 2 more weeks. I know it sucks but your patience will be rewarded. Plus the buds will swell even more. Even based on pistils, your still not there.

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For some reason the camera lags out as soon as I’m trying to focus on trichomes… Can’t get it to work for crap!