First grow too now!

Decided to post a little compilation on my first grow and ones till now

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Nice operation you have going…

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Thanks bud have learned a lot since I started and found out I truly love it lol the sog grow did get old watering every damn day tho lol

you can see the improvement its nice, specially with the lights… it is obviously where you improved most…

of all three types(what are you using?) which one do you consider the best?

The big green one is a mars hydro 960 reflector, the small white one is an unknown wish buy lol but seems really quality the others are Leon lite 48w grow lights I used them for seedlings but went ahead and built those brackets to hold three at once i was surprised how well they worked for veg period I got lucky and bought a 4 pack and one didn’t work so they sent me 4 more and one still didn’t work so I got 3 packs of 4 for 200$ lucked out there the 960 is deff the best one I have I learned to raise the lights but quite a bit at first I had them all about 10-12 inches away also learned feeding less is better I started feeding them every water but now I just feed every couple watering